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I think its done it keeps putting out new pistils

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by NICK72690, Jan 30, 2018.


    NICK72690 Well-Known Member

    Should i harvest the picture of the cut bud was cut about a week ago should i chop this strain?

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    nicholasgte37 Member

    If you haven't yet...I'm sure it's good now =D

    Pics look like they could darken up a bit before harvest.

    Grower899 Well-Known Member

    If the plant still looks like the first pic id let it keep going, unless those are foxtails then youre prolly good.

    Tiffj Active Member

    I agree with this dude! Foxtails do put out new pistils even though the plant/buds are ready, harvest if the top is foxtailing :) and check the triches!! Cloudy/Amber is all good for a nice high and shows it’s ready in most cases.
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