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Illinois medical marijuana card wait time

Discussion in 'Illinois Patients' started by Znewberry, Oct 18, 2017.


    Znewberry New Member

    Just thought I would share my experience so far getting the medical marijuana card in Illinois.

    It took nine phone calls on nine different days to get somebody to answer my call. I was told they received my application August 25, 2017 this was 39 working days ago 7 1/2 weeks total.

    The only information they will release to you about your application is the date that they have received it. I did ask approximately how far backlogged they are. I was told 60 working days or 12 weeks until they get to applications. I was told the day they review your application it’s approved or denied that same day. if it’s approved it’s mailed to the DMV and other agencies to be printed and that could take approximately 10 to 14 business days or 3 weeks.

    Long story short It’s October 18, 2017 and it takes approximately start to finish according to the secretary 10 to 11 weeks. And they are just falling further and further behind.

    1) The state is understaffed and has no sure fire procedure to Efficiently process applications.

    2) It is impossible to get a hold of anybody or get any sort of response as to what’s going on with your application.

    3) I had to drive almost 3 hours to find a doctor.

    I know this is just a pilot program and there’s a lot of kinks to be worked out but there’s plenty of other states that have developed efficient ways to handle those why is Illinois being so stubborn. It doesn’t take over three months to get antidepressants or hard-core pain killers.

    Can’t Illinois be good at anything for crying out loud we’re already one of the most laugh at states across the board.

    Patience is a virtue I suppose.

    A agitated resident of Illinois.
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    chicagochuck New Member

    Illinois is always late to the party. Hope you get your card soon.

    Znewberry New Member

    Last Monday I got a letter saying they Did not receive the physician certification form which translates into they lost the physician certification form. Because I know for a fact it was sent in by my doctor. Anyways has been emailed to them and the state has already verified they have received it assuming they reviewed it the day they received the form should be 10 to 14 days from last Monday !!!!

    Total time It’s been 11 weeks and two days still no card :(

    chicagochuck New Member

    Thats unfortunate but sounds like it’ll be coming soon. To bad they make you jump through hoops. I️ wish it was recreational buy now. It helps me when I️ use it for my severe anxiety and OCD. I wish I️ knew the strains I️ was using smh

    Znewberry New Member

    Card came today!!! Headed to dispensary for the first time :)
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    chicagochuck New Member

    Ohhh man!! See we knew it was on its way. Congrats brother.

    merryheart New Member

    Since this seems to be the only somewhat active thread on this topic in the entire internet, I thought I'd add my current status. I saw the doctor and completed all my paperwork through The Patient Alliance on September 28, 2017. The doctor told me he submitted his letter on the same day. I received an email from The Patient Alliance with a receipt from IDPH and message that my application was received on October 2, 2017. I emailed IDPH 45 calendar days later requesting a status update, but they're currently auto-replying with a message stating "Due to a high volume of processing, we CANNOT respond to inquiries about application status." It's November 21, 2017 today, and still no sign of the card.

    I'd encourage anyone else who just received a card or is still waiting for a card to sign up and post their status as well so we can get some more data points on where IDPH is in their processing of applications. Apparently there are several thousands of us currently awaiting processing, but very few people talking about it.

    Resteoan New Member


    Just some info. on my situation:

    I mailed my application in to the state on sept. 7, 2017. There was nothing from them, so on 11/1/2017 I emailed them a question about status. I received an email back on 11/3 stating my application had been received and will be reviewed in the order in which it was received and would be notified if they needed anything. It is 11/23, thanksgiving day, and I have not received anything else from the state yet. The application check to the state has still not been cashed so I know they have not reviewed it yet. I know the first thing the state will want is their money so I've kind of been basing it on that. If they have not cashed the check I know there will be no card. Their email response basically said don't ask again, so I'm just kind of waiting it out. They did not provide a date the application was received, but it was mailed on sept 7 so I'm using mid September as my guess as when they received it. It's been 2 and a half months and that's the only communication I've gotten from the state. The lack of transparency is frustration to say the least, but I expected nothing more from the state of Illinois. It is a horribly run state.
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