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Lucid Dreaming and 3D Gaming

Discussion in 'Game It Up' started by analog1961, Apr 17, 2017.


    analog1961 Member

    This probably isn't the place for lucid dreaming solely so I thought I'd ask if anyone is a frequent lucid dreamer and are the subjective impressions of flow in a 3D game similar to the altered state in lucid dreaming. Superficially immersion in a 3D photo-realistic space is similar to immersion in dreams. A feeling similar to observing thoughts in meditation is present when the shift from dreams to awareness occurs. Of course the agent lost in a game can transcend the game easily but there is a shift to an observer like in meditation or dreaming consciously. I dreamed a plant was stolen at harvest time last night and the fear or anger triggered a lucid state and I forced myself awake. Do heavy photo-realistic game players experience lucidity more frequently?

    MasterpieceNutes Active Member

    If you get video game flashbacks at night, I would agree that it's certainly another entry way into the world of lucid dreaming.. But not the best.

    You're basically getting a ton of repetitive sensory overflow, distinct from other days, and you will adapt to that environment the longer you play. That it's invading your dreams is a pretty sure sign of your adaptive processing abilities going 'full steam'.

    The cool side-effect of this uncomfortable feeling is a trigger of the fact that you are in a dream.

    Play a new game for 12 hours straight for a couple days and you'll trigger this 'phenomenon': A lot of video gamers are familiar with this.

    However, the LUCIDITY of a dream isn't recognizing or remembering that you are in a dream state, but your ability to manipulate it. You're just getting the 'trigger', which is usually rather uncomfortable enough to snap some extra senses into the mix..

    analog1961 Member

    I've never had 3D games trigger lucid dreaming. I saw the talking point about the possible connection between active 3D game playing and lucid dreaming in an article and thought I'd bring it up. If I achieve a lucid state I'll usually choose to fly over natural landscapes. I've been able to more directly mold my environment like being a director and actor simultaneously. It's more difficult than flying though which feels somehow natural.

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