Make it rain technique ?

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    Does anyone know basically how to explain this method ?

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    dance around and chant? Seed the clouds with aluminum? I have no idea what your talking about LOL
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  3. Go to the strip club, ask for 100$ worth of ones, then throw the $ on the stage. I heard its a great way to increase your yield.
    Stoner Smurf

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    Making it rain is way overpriced, it's much better to make it hail. Ask for $1 worth of pennies, go to the strip club, then throw the $ at the strippers. It's a great way to increase your yield at a fraction of the cost.

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    How do you close a thread ? that was the shittiest responce ive ever had

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    Welcome to the Advanced Marijuana Cultivation board, AKA "HALP! WHEN DO I PISS IN THE REZ? +REP [email protected]@K LOL."

    But seriously, is this group thingy what yer talking about?

    They don't really explain what the fuck they're talking about though. I presume Stoner Smurf, Flying Orange Dutchman and Legally flying are all members. This is also some kind of post about it that probably could be trimmed down to about 250 words:
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    If I understand the Make it Rain technique correctly, it's just feeding a nutrient solution, then when the soil dries out you flush it with 2.5x the amount of soil in the pot. I don't know how I feel about it yet, if I even understand it correctly...
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    riddleme does a really good job of explaining it, alot better than me. Anyway though this is how i understand it, when you flush or heavy water your plants afterwards youll see some drooping and i dont completely know how to explain it but afterwards youll find the container will actually be light(when you pick it up to determine when to water) quicker than with more moderate watering techniques, something about the plant wicking away water, and then when you do feed them after the flush watering part they take up the nutrients more easily for some reason.
    I did my best to explain what they are saying, dont shoot me if i got part of it wrong or something. lol, riddleme made a few threads to try to help people and explain his growing experience and such, its in one of them
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    none of the noobs in the first couple of post know what it is cuz all they do is talk shit on this forum and dont do enough reading! sorry wardman, this site is packed with immature kids.

    dark destruction has it preety much on point. I use this same technique learned from riddleme. riddle me has like 3 different threads on this technique so that ppl have to go threw all 3 threads to fully understand. Riddleme has alwayz been a great help,shoot him a pm or write to him on one of his threads

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    + rep guys
    Grumpy Old Dreamer

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    You flush your pots with 2 to 3 times the pots volume of water that has been pH adjusted to about 5.6
    Ph 5.6 is the acidity of most rain.
    At that pH the plant cannot take up any nutes and is pretty much drowning.
    In order to not drown, the plant starts to rapidly "wick" away the water as fast as possible - growing lots of new feeder roots to help with the process.
    After a few days, maybe 3 maybe more, the top couple of inches of the soil will be drying out and it is at this time that you water the plant with nutes at pH 6.5 - the plant is in rapid "wicking" mode and really sucks up the nutes.
    A few days later you repeat the process, always flushing with low pH water followed a few days later with the nutes.
    The constant flushing stops any nute build up and the plants apparantly grow really vigorously.
    Check out RiddleMe's threads for more details.
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    ^this was not even close to what he was talking about. Did you even read any of these posts? lol.

    I've never heard of this technique before thise thread. I just read thru riddlemes threads and it seems like its a good idea, Im definintly gonna give it a run one time and see what happends.
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    ok so your gonna comment about something i thought was interesting and was similar in name instead of ppl saying to do the rain dance or w/e they were saying?

    I mean what i said really offended you that much? lol Wow man thats really sad... Sorry i made ya QQ mate

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    thanks for the help aprct. it

    PussymOneyWeed Well-Known Member

    ^ Did i say you offended me? Cause you definintly didn't. As for the other people, they are just complete idiots and arent worth quoting cause they are useless. As for you, you actually tried to help and not be a total tard.

    BUT obviously from your feeble attempt to help it was pretty clear that you didn't read all the posts cause what you posted was completely irrelevant, Just like the rain dance comments. Maybe you should actually read in full what people have said and confirmed what he is actually about before your try to help or throw your $.02 in, when in reality you're more confused then the OP.

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    Ahhh and now the good ol attemp to rectify yourself. Just you feeling the need to explain yourself just shows how much of an arse you were trying to be lol. And think about it, did he say barrel in the thread title or in his first post? No he didnt I knew he didnt i posted it cause as I said was similar in title and thought it would be interesting which it is interesting. Just you (and apparently only you since you were the only ass that TRIED to be a complete jerk) couldnt take me putting that there so you started the water works and started crying which is ok. Kids cry everyday about things they didnt like hearing or seeing its perfectly normal one day you will grow out of that i promise :)
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    Hey anyway, I think grumpy old dreamer was on the right track, seems like I read a bit about this before. It's simply a technique to promote root expansion and you keep a tight hold on your ph because you're giving it mini flushes(provided your water ph is balanced) throughout the grow process, where most people tend to do it only if there's a problem with ph.

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    i read the riddleme thread and started this last crop. i am extremely pleased with the results and i have continued to do it. the only part i do differently is the amount of water. i am soilless in four gallon pots and i give each plant a gallon per. i do get a bit of runoff....

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