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Marijuana Seeds

Discussion in 'Seed and Strain Reviews' started by rollitup, Sep 19, 2006.

    Tia Marie

    Tia Marie Member

    If this it is the same king kong that I bought from" Herbies", I have. I had a couple of electrical outages that were just flashes and it turned to males within 2 weeks. I was almost done with it when I realized it had turned all its energy into seed production.What really fooled me was the tips of the bud were elongated and that's what that plant does anyway. So I had one already going and am finishing it now. It is really beautiful and has stayed female. The buds have a very nice smell and they have super long hairs.The genetics seem un stable but what do I know, I have only been 1 for 1. I have 2 more seeds but don't feel like cleaning from top to bottom so soon.The buds are big that's for sure. I am also curious about the end product after its cured.I will let you know
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    redzi Well-Known Member

    There are two in Austria. Cannapot is the one I ordered from and if you don't mind waiting for 3-5 working days to ship they are worth it in terms of price and selection. I thought that things were laid back over there...or at least going from one Euro country to the next. For 5 extra euro they will pull the seeds out of the breeders pack and stealth ship it...just another letter in the mail.
    Tia Marie

    Tia Marie Member

    ok I thought I had better tell you what this King Kong turned out like. Now realize that I spend 4 to 5 months start to finish with a 25 gallon bag. It is kind of the "AUSSIE" method, I heard, so I share 1 large 1000 watt light with another plant and got 8 ounce off of it.I am limited on space as well as other legality problems.This plant does not like to be supercropped but does well with fim. It also has a good leaf to bud ratio so it is easy to clean The bud turned out long elongated buds that were light and airy. That I was not pleased with, and probably will not grow again because of it. It was sticky on the plant but because the bud was not compact it also dried way to fast to control before I got it into the jars to cure.The smoke is super clean and makes you literally want to get up and work or do something busy. The plant also stays pretty small width wise. I would say 2.5ft.; so it doesn't take up a lot of room either. I guess I wasn't happy about the yield or the airness and will not raise another one, but all in all a very healthy and easy to grow plant
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    GroKing Seeds

    GroKing Seeds Well-Known Member Rollitup Advertiser

    We are in the UK and have customers in Germany. We offer guaranteed shipping option to if you want the peace of mind.

    You can find us at grokingseeds.com - we have a pretty decent selection of over 1000 strains with some pretty sharp prices too :)

    BostonPuff Member

    Are you guys technically still in the EU? This circumventing any custom issues? Not sure when brexit goes into effect. Or do you ship stealth? Cheers
    GroKing Seeds

    GroKing Seeds Well-Known Member Rollitup Advertiser

    Yes still in the EU (so normal EU customs law still applies) and will remain so for at least a further two years as there is a lot of bureaucracy involved in leaving.

    Shipping is done discreetly as standard - you also have the option on check-out to tick a box asking for the seeds to be removed from the breeders packs if you want added peace of mind.

    BostonPuff Member

    so within the EU (shipping here to Germany) is stealth DVD overkill? or would you still recommend it? any chance for a first time buyer coupon :D ?
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    GroKing Seeds

    GroKing Seeds Well-Known Member Rollitup Advertiser

    I'll pm you direct ;)
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    morgwar Well-Known Member

    AMS came through for me on the first grow,,,,, but everything they have is mixed with white widow "xtreme" lol, and though it was awesome smoke, every strain I've grown from them has that wet hay smell while the soma nycd right next to it from midweek song smells like,, diesel.
    That's happened with two grows of turbo diesel one grow of CaraMel, and two grows if ak47 xtreme.
    I've never gotten the wet hay smell from any other breeder. Great smoke, strong high, smells like a dirty lawnmower.

    Oh midweek song as we all know is solid and sure. And greenpoint seeds is very legit.
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    chuckie86 Well-Known Member

    They ship to US i got my order with freebies within like 10 days

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