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Need Design Input For Planned Indoor Farm 80 plants to start.

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design & Setup' started by cool2burn, Jan 5, 2017.


    cool2burn Well-Known Member

    Well it happened Medical Marijuana is legal in Florida. We have been able to raise approximately 300k to start this venture. Our plan is to aime to a 20 plant monthly harvest. We are aiming for 1 lb per pant..

    We plan to buy a parcel of land in central Florida and build a prefab 100x100 foot metal building. Having the building installed and climate contronn is gonna be arount 120k. We want to make a 5x5 area for each plant a put a 1000w led over each one. We hope with this we can produce the goal of 1 lb per plant.

    Are plan it to run a 4 month cycle Harvesting 20 plants per month. which will bring in between 50-100k depending on if we wholesale it or sell thru out planned storefront.

    So for this plan i need to know which LED's would be advisable we need 80 of them preferable under $500 each

    Second is how would the best layout work we can build walls ourselves to have different lighting times in different areas. We plan to only have the building 12 feet tall.

    Third im in Florida we will need climate control. Would a central AC system with intake filters work?

    Do you think the 1lb per plant is feasible with this?

    Thank you so much in advance!

    qballizhere Well-Known Member

    Getting a pound per plant is feasible with the right setup and grower. Instead of 1 plant per 5x5 have 4-6 plants
    When you say a 4 month cycle you are talking 2 month veg time?
    Yes you will need climate control mainly dehumidifier and mini split ac
    Going cob led I would suggest citizen or luminus there are a couple of options.
    What is your target ppfd? Will you add co2?
    Do you want to dim the lights or have sunrise and sunset effect? If so do you want to add far red?

    Banana444 Well-Known Member

    What you need is to hire a grow consultant, all the good grow consultants that used to hangout here and give good advice are gone now. This project you are undertaking is a big one, which begs the question, why are you on here looking for the answers? Things to consider, local building ordinances, how much power you need for your building, soil or hydro?, how will utilities be run to the building, how much time will it take to build, how long will you have to wait on building inspectors or the power company to do thier part. These are all far more important than, can you grow a pound per plant in a 5x5. To answer that, yes you can, and 2+ #s is achievable. This project could easily take over a year, unless you have friends, or know people to get shit done quicker. Just curious, how many people are involved in this? It will take a good size team working together to get er done. Good luck.

    cool2burn Well-Known Member

    I have a lawyer for all that crap what i'm interested in is what people think about yield per plant space and lighting needed for it. I can hire a consultant and we most likely will in the future but i have time right now waiting for the licensing laws to come down. It will be all family and there is about 10 of us. ive done a bit of growing but i have the capital and want to do something i enjoy for a living. This will bew taking it to the next level. I see a lot of the farms growing monster plants. in decent space. I want to Mainline them into 24 colas. 2 months veg 2 months bloom. get a cycle going where 20 plants a month finish hopefully getting that 1 lb per plant goal. I talked to a metal structure fabrtacator in Denver today it will take 2 weeks to get the building up once ordered.It takes a week to deliver and a week to install. we are going to do 10ft high flat roof with 100x100 foot space inside.Split it in 4 sections add co2, Climate control,going to make sure it stays a bit pressurized to keep crap out. We want to go led for the Cost savings. We were also thinking about covering the roof with solar to offset some of the cost. We are aiming to have it cash flow positive by the 6th month of starting.
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    a senile fungus

    a senile fungus Well-Known Member


    cool2burn Well-Known Member

    we will see who is laughing in a few months XP
    a senile fungus

    a senile fungus Well-Known Member

    Individual spaces for plants, LEDs for cost savings, mainlining, pound per plant, solar panels. This is getting better and better!

    Patiently awaiting updates.

    cool2burn Well-Known Member

    We have set aside 250 K just for buying the parcel and building the building with climate equipment before buying lighting soil and such it should only be about 120 so I think we have room to make it pretty nice

    The_Enthusiast Active Member

    Nice, I'm planing to assembling a team and building something like that - two rooms (oposite dan/night) about 5.5x3.6m, both 10KW (DE HPS) and hydroponics of course.
    With 77 day (amnesia, jack herrer/ sour diesel hybrids) I'm calculating yield @ 4-6 kg/month.
    As of now, with a lot of DIY and something off the books something legal building permits the project is @ 70.000€ (and 6 months from first "shovel")+ land price.

    coreywebster Well-Known Member

    cool2burn I envy your position both geographically and financially! Go check out the LED forum and talk to the sellers there about your lighting needs. There are several who will be happy to help come up with a lighting plan.
    Good luck with it. Dream Job!!

    cool2burn Well-Known Member

    Exactly people do not realize that you can start your own farm on the low end. Prices are low on metal buildings and lighting prices have fallen dramatically over the last few years. Plus an acre in central Florida already zoned for growing is like 12k

    cool2burn Well-Known Member

    Thank so much we are excited! We just hope Florida does not try to make any stupid laws. Our plan b is California.

    WeedFreak78 Well-Known Member

    2 rooms( flower and veg) with independent climate controls, 20ft ceilings, fill with DE1000's, soilless DTW. Grow trees, F doing mainlining on that scale, K.I.S.S. Heat and humidity control will be awesome in August down there....

    cool2burn Well-Known Member

    yea thats why we are looking at puting in a Central AC systemwe can feed the co2 right into it.

    Tyleb173rd Well-Known Member

    How many grows do you have under your belt? What's the biggest room you have outfitted thus far?

    The_Enthusiast Active Member

    But just interested is there a law on plant number for your 1000W / plant idea?
    The SOG method is, in my opinion, most economically viable option... There is very little plant maintenance time during it's life, and almost no VEG time (veg time is usually a cost indoor because you cant grow them 2m high...)
    redi jedi

    redi jedi Well-Known Member

    I would suggest many smaller rooms that can run independently. Mini-split A/C instead of one large central system.

    LED's would save operating costs but the upfront cost is roughly 3x HID. Lots of testing going on with the million dollar operations here in Canada, but HID is still the go too.
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    qballizhere Well-Known Member

    Leds are not 3x the cost of hps A decent 1000w ballast is $200 a hood is $150 and $100 per DE bulb one for veg and flower $200
    You can build a led light for almost the same price.
    citizen 9 1818 3000k $22 3 elg 240-54 $50 heatsinks holders and reflectors $20 each all you need is aluminum frame and wire.

    cool2burn Well-Known Member

    I believe leds also come with a 25,000 hour run time and are 1/3 the cost to run even if they are more at first building a new farm i need to look to the future not the past with the technology. After the first grow they will pay for themselves and i do not have to worry about replacing bulbs also, all the saved electric goes into my pocket,

    Tyleb173rd Well-Known Member

    How many grows do you have under your belt? What is the biggest room you have outfitted thus far?
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