Need help identify this tiny bug I caught (pics)

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    Hello again, I've had these super tiny jumpy bugs in my soil as long as I can remember.
    I clean my tents every grow (tried cleaning with permethrin as well) to make these fckers not come back and changed to a new soil (plagron) still these small little bastards come back every grow, this time on my 2 week old clones.

    Those I've seen earlier have been more white than this I caught now, they seem to have 4 legs and 2 "antennas"/feelers. They are so small I can't say for sure it's not 6 legs but I've seen at least 4 visible legs.
    When I caught it, it acted as if I gave it meth, it jumped around so fast it looked like it was teleporting 1-3 cm.

    I usually don't see them at all, they come to the soil surface when I water and then disappear after 30 seconds. Never have they been spotted on the plant stems/leaves, I've only seen them wandering around lost on the floor between/under pots or in the soil as mentioned.

    Also they don't seem to develop wings, I've never seen anyone flying around in there, so I don't think they are fungus gnats. Had gnats earlier and they where much bigger. The one I caught on the picture seem to be mature and are one of the bigger ones that I've seen. The smaller ones are more has more a gel-like white color.
    IMG-20161221-WA0002-1.jpg IMG-20161221-WA0000-1.jpg IMG-20161221-WA0001.jpg IMG-20161221-WA0001-2.jpg

    Any help in order to identify and remove these bugs will be greatly appreciated, thanks!

    Edit: Also, are they good or bad?
    If they're good and you guys agree on that then I guess there's no worries, but I fear they suck.
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    MichiganMedGrower Well-Known Member

    Springtails. They are not harmful to humans or plants and are present in out topsoil in millions.

    they prefer to feed on leaf mold and come in from outside where they can be found under the fallen leaves.

    They are attracted to moisture.

    I have them in my pots but the dry style I use seems to kill most of them as they reproduce. They are considered beneficial as they eat the rot from roots in the soil. Natural cleaners kinda.

    They are resistant to just about everything is my understanding but are only really a nuisance. But they won't go away until they want to.

    I didn't see them this summer. But they are back now.

    Ivers Active Member

    Thank you MedGrower, I'm so happy to hear they are beneficial!
    Going to change to a more dry environment now as the clone have rooted. Just so that I don't need to be reminded that they'really there all the time :bigjoint:
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