Need help making canna caps with shatter

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    if anyone could help me out I would really appreciate some knowledge before a lot of time and money is wasted. I'm trying to make capsules of shatter with coconut oil that is nice and effective. I have a few questions on how it's done though:

    1. When decarbing the shatter, do I just put let's say 7/8 g into a Pyrex in the oven at 220F for about 30 minutes then adding to the warm coco oil? ( 7/8g shatter to about a cup of coco oil )

    2. If I wanted to use some granulated soy lecithin, could I just mix about a tablespoon with the debarred wax / oil into the caps?

    3. Will the 00 size regular gelatin capsules melt / dissolve over a few day time period?

    4. What's a good dosage ratio? I want to make about 100/200 caps and I want them to have a good kick.

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    Not sure when using shatter on some of these questions, I use just sift/coconut oil/soy lecithin mix but will provide some input on what I know...
    1) Not sure if shatter has to be decarbed as it's already been processed, maybe someone with shatter experience can chime in on this one. If it does, I'd suggest 250F for 30-35 minutes to fully decarb. Lower temps and/or shorter times don't cut it with sift or flower and tend to be weaker.
    2) Don't see any issue there, it's just a matter of getting the wax to a consistency that can be mixed well (why I use sift)
    3) I've never had a problem with the caps dissolving and keep stock of different sizes up to 45 days in the fridge
    4) Dosage is material and user specific. Would suggest a small batch to test potency and keep good records of how much material you mixed vs. coco oil so you can replicate it later. Good thing with caps is if the first one didn't blast you, take 2 next time ;)

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