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Need help on Diy indoor drip system

Discussion in 'Advanced Marijuana Cultivation' started by Mojave, Sep 13, 2017.


    Mojave Active Member

    So i picked a 400gph submersible pump and plan to water two 25 gallon fabric pots. I currently have 1/4" vinyl hose, 1/4" soaker hose, adjustable 1/4" valves, various T and straight connectors. Havent got a timer yet.

    I was going to make a halo of soaker hose for each. My question is will the pump be pushing too much pressure through the hose making water bleed through too quickly? should i run a hose from the halos back to the resevoir to bleed off pressure? I was also wondering if i should make some type PVC manifold off from the pump, that the 2 supply lines come from? But i dont know what connectors i would need for that to happen. the outlet from the pump has 1/2", 3/8" and 3/4" fittings. so i then need some type of adapter to go from whatever size is best down to the 1/4".

    baseless Member

    keep it simple and run it see what happens

    ruwtz Well-Known Member

    So many variables: pumping distance (vertical and horizontal), max head power, number of holes in the halo, size of the halo etc.

    FWIW, I run similar sized pumps running 10ft from the res and with some climb too, 1/2 inch hose with 1/4 inch drip lines, 6 holes in halos 8 inches in diameter. Everything runs fine but keep it clean cos those halos do gunk.

    Oh and watch out for syphoning. I had one res emptying for days before I figured out what was going on.

    TurboTokes Well-Known Member

    A soaker hose would literally take hours to deliver a gallon of solution to 25 gallons of medium

    I do indoor drip to waste myself, tried lots of different halos/ tees/ line sizes. Best advice if you want even waterring is to have a loop in the system, and you can take your supply lines from anywhere in the loop. As an example


    Also as mentionned, a siphon will ruin your floor/house in a hurry. Can be stopped very simply by adding a vent in the supply line, above the res water level. Obviously a hole in your supply line will leak water when the pump is running, so its best to put a "T" fitting on the supply line above the pump, inside the resevoir, just above your intended water level. When the pump turns off, air will be allowed to enter this hole and the siphon will be broken and your house stays dry. The hole doesnt need to be very big, some people simply poke a hole in the supply line instead of using a fitting.
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    ruwtz Well-Known Member

    Clean setup! What are those tap fittings on the PVC leading to 1/4" hose?

    ruwtz Well-Known Member

    Is this your pic? Please tell me more about those PVC-to-1/4" tube fittings!

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