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New chef here. No reason to cure, right?

Discussion in 'Cooking With Cannabis' started by JacksonJ, Aug 8, 2017.


    JacksonJ Active Member

    So I want to give making some edibles a try for the first time. I have one plant that isn't curing right (smells a bit hayish), and some leftover from a previous grow. They're both super silver haze. My personal fave FYI.

    Since I'm going to be making some butter or tincture, there's no reason to cure the bud. Simply drying it out is all i need?
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    0621grow Member

    I'm not sure sorry man but I'm interested in this question also .

    So bump
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    Markbarnett Active Member


    Failsafehydro Member

    I have seen my wife cook with it before it was even fully dry. I would imagine curing would effect taste more than anything though.

    macsnax Well-Known Member

    No need to cure for edibles, you can if you want.

    Deathpack Member

    Hello JacksonJ,

    When it comes to making edibles, you do not necessarily need to used a cured product... in order to make potent budder/oil , you are going to want to decarboxylate...doing so will increase potency(by activating THC into 'THCA'), add a slight browning to the plant material, and will give it its own unique smell. Therefore, making the curing of the plant almost irrelevant.

    Hope this helps,


    ~ death
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