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New Harvest Pics - Miscellaneous Breeders

Discussion in 'Seed and Strain Reviews' started by Amos Otis, Nov 17, 2014.


    Sir72 Well-Known Member

    Did you get those as freebies?
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    Bubby'sndalab Well-Known Member

    Yes-ran one bout 4 or so runs-great color & yielded well but had a weird taste-kinda like grape kool aid x burning electrical wires
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    Bakersfield Well-Known Member

    This girl I picked at day 62 is Sirius (Stardawg X Chemdawg BC3) by South Fork Seeds.
    This strain stayed very compact in my garden, reaching about 24 inches with my heavy handed supercropping.
    This pheno smells of Garlic and swamp gas and is loaded with dense buds. Some of the other phenos in the pack have a looser bud structure with less branching, however the Chem funk is about the same throughout the pack.
    IMG_3462.JPG IMG_3470.JPG IMG_3472.JPG IMG_3471.JPG
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    thenotsoesoteric Well-Known Member

    Some recently cut goji og. Only one has a real noticeable flavor the others are bland hashy taste. It is still early and they need to cure but so far I'll probably be keeping the one. All good smoke just only one stands out for flavor.
    og.jpg pup.jpg rambo.jpg sbb.jpg
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    J Larue

    J Larue Member


    thenotsoesoteric Well-Known Member

    60 days and yeah they could have went longer but I had to bring all the plants down. I'm guessing another two weeks for the two more sativa leaning and maybe another week for two smaller indica ones.

    GroErr Well-Known Member

    Just pulled these 2x 3 gal at 60 days. Blue Harley (Blueberry x JTR x Harlequin).

    Blue Harley1-Harvest-Day60-2.JPG Blue Harley2-Harvest-Day60-2.JPG Blue Harley1-Harvest-Day60-4.JPG Blue Harley2-Harvest-Day60-4.JPG

    Cheers :bigjoint:

    Bubby'sndalab Well-Known Member

    GG#4-bout a week out before harvest 20170518_194136.jpg 20170518_194130.jpg 20170518_194144.jpg

    Bubby'sndalab Well-Known Member

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