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New to wagos

Discussion in 'LED and other Lighting' started by KonopCh, Jan 12, 2018.


    KonopCh Active Member

    Little help please, guys.

    I want to replace these: [​IMG]

    With two slots wagos.

    I guess wiring is the same... example: blue to blue, red to red... in the same wago?
    They're rated for 250V... I have 230V at the wall, so this is completly safe?

    Another question, as I ordered only two slots wagos... Can I put two tiny wires from two computer fans together and wire them into one two-slot wago? So two fans on one 12V 1A adaptor with one wago.
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    Rahz Well-Known Member Rollitup Advertiser

    No, yes and yes.

    One Wago for the blue wires and one Wago for the red wires, etc. but you can put multiple wires in the same terminal slot.

    ANC Well-Known Member

    For DIY I still like these guys. Always use an appropriate gauge though. I like them because they have a screw hole and can be secured to the case,
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    KonopCh Active Member

    That I was thinking, yes.
    Thank you.

    Fubard Active Member

    Be aware that this type of wago will ONLY do solid cable, Flex can only be used if you "tin" the ends.


    Use the following for flexible cables.

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    KonopCh Active Member

    Yea, I've got those grey/orange at the bottom. Thanks!!

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