Nirvana Bubblicious

Discussion in 'Smoke Reports' started by mared juwan, Jan 1, 2009.

    Jer La Mota

    Jer La Mota Well-Known Member

    sweet grow, love the pic s :weed:

    FriendlyTokez Active Member

    Everything's a pain to trim haha. Beautiful job! I never doubted that Nirvana Bubblelicious could come out so well. I think it's one of the Nirvana strains that just can't be hated on.
    There's a phenotype that turns frosty pink, did you get that? It should be a more common feature considering the name but doesn't show up all the time in the end.
    The dog poo smell you talked about I've never encountered before though.

    How was that Monkey Juice? Any reason you didn't opt for Fox Farm line? Their organic nutes are out of this world.[​IMG]

    smurfyboy Member

    hey guys i have 8 bubblicious 2 weeks into flower and at least one of mine has to be the bubblegum pheno, mmmmm beautiful sweet smell

    I85BLAX Well-Known Member

    they're beautiful!!

    defcon35 Active Member

    Thanks for the info guys nice pics I just drooped 6 beans of the bubb

    Smokey2012 Member

    I grew nirvana bubblelicious and got the beautiful pinkish red bud on most my plants. When dried and cured turns a sort of purple just beautiful. Very high trichome development. Not the largest of bud from the pinkish buds but made me happy. Also had some very large buds but didn't get that pink in them. Turned out more like most of what's been pictured. Did a quick dry on a test plant with no cure time,was excellent stone high. Good for back pain or insomnia. I know cuz those are 2 that I suffer from. Have some curing I'll have to get back to tell what was of it.

    calicatt79 Well-Known Member

    Hey Smokey..thanks for the info, sounds like a great plant, and the potential is there to get some pretty crazy pheno-types :) I've got 5 fem Bubblelicious starting week 4 long did you veg for?

    cleverpiggy Well-Known Member

    I was very impressed with Bubblicious, it was of very high quality. It is a breeze to grow and is quite the producer. The flowers are very fat and sticky with a delicious classic skunky fruit smell. I have some that has been curing for over a year and it is so delicious (special reserve for me). I hate to say this because it sounds so weird but after reading it from several different reviews it does have a sweet dog shit smell (sounds crazy) upon first whiff of the mason jar. This is immediately over shadowed by the wonderful fruit and musk overtones. The smoke is thick and tasty, constantly changing as the spliff get shorter and shorter. The high is subtle at first but after a short while you realize time is standing still and you are lost in a daze. I don't think this is a sociable smoke, rather an alone time thinkers smoke. My wife says I am like a mute when I partake in the Bubbleicious.

    st0wandgrow Well-Known Member

    A mute? Sounds perfect to grow for my wife!! ;-)
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    calicatt79 Well-Known Member

    OMG sounds so know how excited your review just made me??? LOL!!!
    Question for you experienced Bubblelicious growers......I'm at almost week 5 veg and they all seem to be growing out rather than up. How long did you guys veg for?

    d4nkly Member

    i usually veg the bubble about 3-4 weeks as she just about doubles in size when she stretches. this gives me 2.5ft to 3ft plants using 4 gallon pots. i've been keeping a pheno of bubbleicious for roughly two years in clone form and don't see myself getting rid of it anytime soon!

    cleverpiggy Well-Known Member

    I don't recall mine naturally growing out. I actually topped mine and then super-cropped all the main stems. I had them in veg a little longer maybe 2 to 3 weeks, in order to super-cropped them a couple of times. They were all around 12-16 inches in height and pretty much diameter, little bushes if you will. I pretty much agree with d4 as far as the double in size upon completion.
    Omgwtfbbq Indicaman

    Omgwtfbbq Indicaman Well-Known Member

    if i veg bubblelicious to a 2 foot bush, then 12/12. this strain will double in height, ive taken this to 10 weeks and with some sativa leaning phenos you can get alot of yield in the last few weeks. I like to harvest when it gets around 5-10% amber, i just watch the plant and see. the final product is what mostly matters, good phenos of sativa and indica, unstable strain will yield a bunch of phenotypes.

    calicatt79 Well-Known Member

    what ex. is a pheno type? How many different phenos can you get with the bubbs?
    Omgwtfbbq Indicaman

    Omgwtfbbq Indicaman Well-Known Member

    4-5, and thats just from my grow environment and feed schedule. Idk how many pheno's will show in hydro or super soil, i want to get that bubblegum pheno again. it might take 30 seeds to get a good enough representation though.

    cc2012 Well-Known Member

    Nice Info, Pics & Grow!!

    Was just looking for some Info about this...they going for a steal on Herbies at the moment(well for Regs) again Nice Grow...Lovely looking Buds...



    Dank3G0 New Member

    Very nice. Though it's obviously a little late to comment, I'm actually working on some Bubblicious now. Definitely stoked for the results.

    makeafist Member


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