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Ocean Grown Genetics

Discussion in 'Seed and Strain Reviews' started by Bean Busy, Jul 30, 2015.


    NugHeuser Well-Known Member

    15128615889121782890056.jpg 15128616919441229050333.jpg Correction, took a closer look at them and all of my og seeds are starting to form crystal. Malibu Pie and Alien Rift on day 14

    oGeeFarms Well-Known Member

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    Vato_504 Well-Known Member

    She fading with F2 babies 4BFF046B-2537-48C8-A977-63F755EAEC6D.jpeg
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    NugHeuser Well-Known Member

    Day 22
    7 females of the alien rift and nothing bad to say about any of the pheno's.

    Alien Rift #10
    15135474026341522062683.jpg 151354758427081875367.jpg 15135478285401326114091.jpg

    Alien Rift #9
    15135479484091100895529.jpg 1513548082290844203963.jpg 1513548259011838248471.jpg 1513548369893613810801.jpg

    Vato_504 Well-Known Member

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    Bean Busy

    Bean Busy Well-Known Member

    Ocean Grown just went international


    NugHeuser Well-Known Member

    Day 30 on the Malibu Pies and Alien Rifts.

    Pure pineapple aroma coming off the pies, it's mouth watering.
    One of my best stacking pies also happens to be my frostiest.

    Malibu pie #2 15142174906601003677910.jpg

    NugHeuser Well-Known Member

    A couple of the Alien Rifts on day 30.

    The #9 pheno. Arguably the frostiest in the garden as well as the tightest stacking 15142371890311056163501.jpg 15142373251301961259885.jpg

    The #5 pheno, I'm thinking this one is one of the quicker finishing rifts. Hairs are starting to recede a bit and calyxe's are becoming visible. This pheno is also my branchiest of the rifts but is keeping nice tight nodes as well. 15142377199181524563579.jpg 15142379370711522273072.jpg

    I'd consider these two phenos the winners as far as growth, structure and bid development goes for the rifts.

    Definitely pretty happy about the pack I got. Anyone that is unsure of what genetics to get from which seedbanks, you can't go wrong with ocean grown genetics. Stable strong healthy genes. This is my first run in with them and I'm happy. 1514238523264722532296.jpg 15142385920791186425883.jpg 15142386749721521033608.jpg

    NugHeuser Well-Known Member

    Alien Rift #5
    She's definitely the early bird of the bunch @ day 44 :smile: 15154602612341108210445.jpg 15154603893611048278464.jpg

    Won't be much for the hash pile off of her! Also just posted my #8 pheno in the frostiest buds section. Complete cake, and only at day 44.
    The rifts are definitely worth the money, so many keepers out of the pack, structure wise and bag appeal. Im sure the smoke will be dank.

    NugHeuser Well-Known Member

    Don't mind the heat stress, a lamp was taken out and the environment has been corrected :wink:
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    limonene Well-Known Member

    That looks like my keeper. I’m real happy with both females I found out of 6 seeds. Very nice aromas and bag appeal is 10/10

    NugHeuser Well-Known Member

    Yeah I'm kind of thinking around week 8 I'll have a handful of plants ready, may have a couple before that.
    I've got 7 rifts and 8 malibu pies. The female/male ratio was awesome, think i started with 9 or 10 rifts and 11 pies.

    NugHeuser Well-Known Member

    Ive got one pie in particular that's pretty sweet. Most of the others are fine, nothing to complain about. It's been fun growing both strains but the rift beans has got some sweet pheno's.
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    NugHeuser Well-Known Member

    I'll try to remember to post a pic of my #8 Alien Rift and the Malibu pie that I mentioned when I get off work.

    NugHeuser Well-Known Member

    Alien Rift #8
    1515526934264656447301.jpg 1515527135182399343018.jpg 1515527270833219189120.jpg 15155277646071462986861.jpg
    Not too bad for 6 and a half weeks. It's funny, I accidently broke this pheno in half at the 2nd node when it was younger and I almost threw it away after that.

    Malibu Pie #2
    1515528367914909258657.jpg 15155284660901472787091.jpg 15155288554371542801107.jpg 15155287777081115450753.jpg

    This pie happens to not only be the frostiest of the pies but also the most stacking. For the most part the pies have longer internodal spacing with some bare stem, this one is stacking nicely though, she'll yield well.
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    Serva Well-Known Member

    Lovely Plants! I also decided that I wanna give OG a try and purchased a pack of Dark Helmet. First 2 seedlings are already looking into the light!
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    NugHeuser Well-Known Member

    Right on man!
    Yeah the rifts have pleasantly surprised me. Keep us posted on them dark helmets!
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    OnePrays Well-Known Member

    Looks like they finally restocked on Ninja fruit got my two packs

    akhiymjames Well-Known Member

    This Purple Pie is gonna be a beast. Key Lime Pie x Ninja Fruit smells like pink lemonade. First go with Ocean Grown been males in the Jawa Pie I have popped

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    NugHeuser Well-Known Member

    How bout it :smile:
    Alien rift @ day 48 :clap:
    151580373746924515175.jpg 15158043877581658318085.jpg

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