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Oni Seeds "Papaya Punch".........

Discussion in 'Grow Journals' started by thegambler, Feb 14, 2018.


    thegambler Well-Known Member

    This strain is a hybrid with Oni's signature strain Papaya (NOT Nivana's Papaya) and Purple Punch, which is Larry OG X Granddaddy Purple. Their Papaya is known for its' sweetness and bulk (yield). What attracted me to it was it's 80% leaning to the indica side, heavy yield, and great pic's on Instagram. I bought the last 4 packs available, and was lucky to get them as others had them in their cart and hadn't yet pulled the trigger. LOL. I started 24 plants, but pulled 4 out as the room became too unmanageable with so much material in there- but had 100% germination.

    It's supposed to be a short plant, so I vegged longer than normal, around 33-34 days I think. Todays pic shows the room in flowering, at day 41. They are supposed to go 9-10 weeks, and the different pheno's are readily evident. I didn't top the plants this time, which I normally do- just grew them out and let them do their thing. I've also kept their N level higher than normal, about 50/50 with the veg/flowering nutes hoping to keep the plants greener for a longer run. I've had to keep the Cal/Mag levels high too, 10ml per gallon of r.o. water as they have the tendency to taco, so be aware.

    The plants at this point have quite a stink, but with a sickly sweetness to them. I had to lollipop the bottom 20% or so on most of the plants as they put off a lot of bottom crap which won't amount to the quality I'm looking for. Yield so far looks good, not great but the plants are a bit leafy (maybe because of the high nitrogen)- I'll start trimming 1-2 sun leaves a week off each plant starting shortly, to help the light reach IMG_0794.JPG further down, increase air circulation and make final trimming somewhat easier. The yield might be better then I'm expecting, just can't see deep to the back or downward. No bug issues, very healthy grow and easy to manage up to this point.

    I'm here for questions, updated pic once a week with another writeup.
    Dr Gruber

    Dr Gruber Well-Known Member

    Looks very healthy....Nice Work!

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