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    Los Reefersaurus

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    Ok here goes, I am wondering what effect intermittent large amounts ozone will have on a plant? My theory is that dumping a huge amount of ozone into a flowering room for say 20 minutes maybe once a day will cause an immune response. I am looking at plant stressing and different ways to get a consistent result. I have done some research on line and I have seen results that talk about plant damage and reduced yields I do believe though these studies were done with constant ozone. Anybody got some knowledge on the topic?

    pedrovski Well-Known Member

    I can personally confirm Too much ozone will damage your plants, I have experienced this from leaving one on for too long.
    I would suspect with high doses of ozone damaging the leaves this would reduce photosynthesis so i don't think that type of stress would be good.
    Ozone is best used in large doses to sterilise or small doses to combat mould in the grow room
    Altered State

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    I could see the Ozone latching onto the trichomes and "cleanses" them

    I use Ozone on occasion and have fears of its interaction during the bud stage , we know it will kill the smell of the plant and that comes from its its terpenes so it can't be good for it.

    Be careful with it , its rather potent especially coming from those commercial units

    I have 3 models kicking around including the model with a black tube with a fan on its back. Its powerful as sheet and should be used for direct venting only.

    Ive burnt my throat and sinuses in the past by breathing a little too much ozone

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    Dr. Who

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    It won't

    Small increase's in negative ions for brief periods would be like the room having been through a lightning storm.....Lighting creates negative ions. So do waves at the beach....
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    budman111 Well-Known Member

    Avoid 03, it is dangerous at high levels, if you want an 'immune response' then either get a SAR product such as Harpin Protein or more expensive Chitisan works too.
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    Shugglet Well-Known Member

    I used Ozone to rid a cab grow of mites. It also rid the plant of all its leaves lol. Seriously, all the leaves fell off before anything new even decided to grow.

    budman111 Well-Known Member

    It's not natural for O3 to be so low in our atmosphere, to eliminate the smell get the 4L Ona gel,and it is 100% safe.
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