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Pineapple Express #2 gs13 question

Discussion in 'Smoke Reports' started by vegetta, Oct 6, 2016.


    vegetta Member

    hello I was just wondering if anyone tried Pineapple Express 2 ? I tried searching but couldn't find much of a review and it seems like the strain has been out long enough just wondering why the lack of review ? I am a fan of the orginal Pineapple Express and wanted to know how the 2nd one stacks up . Wanted to know since it's breed to yield more then the first one does that affect the potency ? All help would be appreciated I was looking to make a purchase before tommarow thanks

    farmasensist Well-Known Member

    I remember seeing the #2 was from a more sativa pheno. I'm not sure if that would mean more or less yield or potency but I don't think they would take the time to breed a #2 strain if it wasn't better. It might be worth trying.

    I have the G13 PE but not the #2, I like how it turned out. Has a nice balance of yield and potency. It flowered faster than I was expecting, some more sativa to it might help slow that down.

    Hotwired Well-Known Member

    Bought a 10 pack 4 months ago and only 1 popped but it didn't make it. Was really pissed off. I had previously got 2 free PE #2 seeds and the same exact thing happened. Then I get another free PE #2 seed from Attitude and it not only popped but came out beautiful. I actually kept clones and it's a regular for me now. Very tight nugs and orange hairs and quite similar to the original PE.

    I never had this problem before with any packs from Attitude or Midweek Song but I really wanted to try the #2. So beware with these seeds. G13 Labs has always been hit and miss with their genetics but their packs have always popped. Not sure if the stock was old when I got mine but it may be worth a try.

    xXOnyxXx Well-Known Member

    i have ran a few runs of PE2, its faster, they where done right at 50 days from show, yield was decent, not as good as the original PE but still decent .. the smoke has a more skunky flavor and smell .. it's good but i think the original is better.

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