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PLEASE LOOK AND SEE! Thanks for Help and tips please!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by Justdoitandgetlaid, Feb 13, 2018 at 9:17 AM.


Give Tips Or information what more can i try to bud this mother fucker

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    Justdoitandgetlaid New Member

    [​IMG] Look at this plant what more can i do it have been flowering for 22 days looking good or bad? as you see I litterly just bendt down the stem and needed to take the lamp totally to the top because I saw the main colas got a little burnt but it seems ok right now in the dark period so..

    PH = 6.8 been giving it a little cal-mag and some type of just plant bloom.. from store...
    Soil = organic/hybrid/normal/blended out with perlite.
    Lamp = 250-275w (HPS) -> range. right now in timer mode 12/12 (250w) using.
    And some regular outtake fan and some air pulling the fresh air filtratet trough the whole tent.
    Temperature "DAY" = 24-28" "NIGHT" = "18-20"
    Humidifier = 30 percent. allways right now.

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    chiqifella Well-Known Member

    relax. here's what I would do
    increase usable light
    increase humidity
    increase air flow/exchange
    stop the cal mag
    dont defoliate,

    begin the next grow with known proven soil and nutrients, with hid lighting
    and your experience be better.

    Justdoitandgetlaid New Member

    But will i get anything from this as am doing so far?

    NrthrnMichigan Well-Known Member

    About a pound if you follow chiqifella's advice.
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    Justdoitandgetlaid New Member

    Really???? :D when do you think this will begin to maybe ease out a bit like fill up and look like buds?

    chiqifella Well-Known Member

    what is your light source?

    Justdoitandgetlaid New Member

    I just Speeded up the exhaust fan inside the tent and placed another fan blowing on the buds, now a bit. mr, and increased the humidity 15-20%
    But will i get something atleast 10 grams out of this plant anyway how it goes?? (first grow you know im, learning) :D

    Light source = 275w HPS lamp veg/flower all the way.
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    chiqifella Well-Known Member

    I'd bend the plant down low, in a horizontal fashion, so the whole plant was only a bit above the container.
    I the stem gives you any trouble pinch and roll it between your fingers
    to break the fibers inside, loosen up for the bend, she'll heal no worries.
    Secure it this way, lower that light to about 15 inches from the horizontal plant.

    colas will grow to the light, the whole plant will be more evenly lit, many grams will result.

    Justdoitandgetlaid New Member

    Ok thanks for good replies I will come back with another pictures in daytime instead, cant disturb this baby let her beauty ass sleep well for a while now.

    anyway I have allready done what you said and lets see if she will make some buds for me withing the next 4 weeks atleast.

    Justdoitandgetlaid New Member

    It is watering time today 3 week into flower and 2 days from start week 4, maybe a slow strain i dont know.. anyway things are growing and it looked like the calyx just have started because I could see some sugar minimal coming from the inside leaves around the small buds atm.

    I receive Flora-Bloom "General Hydroponics" today and ill be water 1.5 liters of water with 1.8ml with flora bloom with 6.8PH adjusted water. N-P-K in flora bloom is (0-5-4) time for some boost right or not?

    GeneBanker Well-Known Member

    Bulk will start coming in the next few weeks. Dont be concerned it takes time. Follow the advice that was given. (Its what I would do) with less light you will need more training to your plants and more time in general.

    Justdoitandgetlaid New Member

    Thank you! but I will be still giving her the (Flora Bloom) just a little dose right before light goes on again. Been giving it to much Nitrogen, so now it will be P-K ratios from now on. :D

    But from the pictures I sendt yesterday from the plant what would you think the grams totally would be from this baby? 50g?

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