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Professional Edible users

Discussion in 'Medicating' started by bigt4172, Jun 18, 2017.


    bigt4172 Active Member

    I know this is probably going to sound weird but try and stay with me . I'm 6'2 250lb and been smoking for 30 plus years. In the last year I've become what I would call a heavy smoker( bout 1/2-1 oz) per week of fire shit. Not a lot of experience with edibles at all. Ate them a few times, got a mediocre high and no problems.

    Went to a party yesterday, my buddy made some brownies. He is equally experienced smoker and a grower but little to no exp on the whole making or eating edibles. He made a 9x13 aluminum pan of brownies. The butter was made from trim. He used about 3.5 oz of trim and 3lbs of butter, it was decarb on 250 for 45min then put in crock pot for 18 hours.

    OMFG I ate 1.5 small brownies I mean 1 brownie was like 1.5x 1.5 inches, so I had that then half of one like that. I was high for about 10-12 hours and for about 1 hour felt sick to my stomach and dizzy as fuck. Since I'm a old school smoker I knew there was nothing to worry about, nothing I couldn't sleep off.

    Here's my question I'm looking for some input from other people who smoke a lot and maybe have been to that point before ( highest I've ever been easily). Just trying to figure out what mg of THC those brownies might be. I know you cant tell me for sure just curious at what point others may have crossed over that point and made them a little sick and dizzy. Any info or input would be appreciated ;)

    rollitup Forum Admin Staff Member

    I've been making edibles for over 20 years, just to give you an idea of my experience. About 15 years ago I made 200 dozen brownies for a dispensary, so I understand the necessity of keeping the dosage similar batch to batch because patients don't want to be surprised by too much or too little.

    It's really difficult to say how much mg of THC is included without being specifically tested, but for me a usual dose is 50 - 60 mg, and that is for a normal evening. If I am going to a concert, then I will eat more than that. I figure that those times when I have eaten too much that I have consumed more than 100 mg, and probably much more.

    All of that said though, that is only about me. Everyone is different, and someone else may be unable to tolerate 25 mg. When I was trying to standardize the dosage for the dispensary, I used 3 ounces of trim leaf to 1 pound of butter.

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    bigt4172 Active Member

    Thanks for the response. is it sort of normal then when you have to much to be dizzy and sick? I've partook in some super smoke outs and never had in issues in 30 plus years. I found I was super high and feeling right with one brownie, it was the additional half that got me. I weighed a brownie last night they weigh roughly 36-42 grams. of the 3.5 oz of trim there was a lot of bud, probably more then normal as they had a few plants end up with seeds and they just stripped them and used for butter.
    Ugg boot

    Ugg boot Member

    For me edibles are where its at. It's a really warm full body effect that just feels really nice in the evening. I don't smoke, I vape from a mighty but it cannot compare to the coconut oil I make up.
    I used abv the first time and it was a really unpleasant, tiring feeling. Now I use my best stuff, 90% of my harvest goes straight into coconut oil.
    My next harvest it will go into water cure then coconut oil.
    I'm making this batch atm. It was 42g of bud decarbed at 110c for 45 mins then simmered for 8 hours in a big pot of water.
    It went in the fridge over night to harden the coconut oil. That way the water is easily removed. Then I warm it up to run through the filter.

    It's very important to keep it in the fridge or it WILL go rancid.

    I add it to my coffee and in 2 hours I'm in a world of bliss.

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    Ugg boot

    Ugg boot Member

    My method is 1:1 by volume
    Cured chopped bud : coconut oil

    My dose is 20g which will see my sleep like a baby all night

    But you posted this as I was making a batch so I pulled out the scales and done some measuring for you. It comes in at 42g bud to 700g coconut oil or 1:17 so my 20g dose contains 1.2g of bud.
    I could vape 1.2g of bud and never achieve the same effect so when you look at it like that the oil is very economical and effective.
    There is a ceiling to how high you can get with smoking/vaping, this oil blows the roof clean off.

    Lecithin. I don't mix it in because it wrecks the taste. I will eat a 1/4 teaspoon of it before my coffee sometime but not always. It does change the effect and it hits faster.
    I like both so I mix it up

    So simplified....
    1kg coconut oil
    60g decarbed bud
    Cook in water for a few hours minimum
    16.6g of oil is 1g of bud
    Start at 10g dose and increase at your leasure lol.

    bigt4172 Active Member

    Nice! So basically 2 ounces of bud to 2 pounds of butter or oil is your strength of mixture? Mine was about 3 ounces of bud and 1 of leaf/trim maybe 2
    Ugg boot

    Ugg boot Member

    It converts to 2.1 ounces into 2.2 pounds of oil.
    1:1 ounce/pound
    Ugg boot

    Ugg boot Member

    There we have it. What a way to medicate.

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    Ugg boot

    Ugg boot Member

    I should also note.
    See the air gap in the bottom of the jar, after you filter the oil into the jar put it in the fridge to solidify upside down.
    This way any contaminants that made it through the filter will be sitting on top of the jar and you can easily scrape it off.

    mauricem00 Well-Known Member

    I'm a very lazy edible user. I decarb my bud at 250 degrees for 27 minutes than grind it up and remove any stems and pack it in to #1 gelcap's. each capsule contains 1/6 gram of flower (about 30mg THC) and one capsule get me feeling really good for the night. two capsules gets me wasted and keeps me high for about 12-14 hours .after smoking tobacco for 45 years even a vaporizer can be a little rough at times but these capsules are very easy to take and very effective. and no product is lost to filters.and the extra fiber can't hurt hehehehe
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    HazednConfused Well-Known Member

    Eat a 500mg korova fifty1fifty cookie. I don't believe in dying from weed, but that day I thought I was dead.
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    Axle4worc Well-Known Member

    I wonder how that would translate into kief. I have 15g of decarbed 73 micron kief. I want to use it for something but I already have 3 quarts of tincture running and a batch of brownies in the freezer. My first batch of Everclear tincture burns so bad it makes it hard to properly Medicate. That's after I boiled off 80% of the alcohol at 90°c. Still a month-and-a-half till I can try my VG tincture. Maybe a smaller capsule for the kief.

    GroErr Well-Known Member

    I use only sift for my edibles, coconut oil caps mainly. Attached is a recipe for 100mg caps. I'd suggest you cut it in half though (just reduce the amount of sift to adjust), 100mg is a lot for some people. I make 25mg for my GF, she doesn't smoke but will take the pills once in a while. Doesn't even seem to correlate to weight either, some people can't get stoned, some people get completely out of it. I (220 lbs). and a buddy who weighs 300 lbs. did some 160mg when I first started making them and were both stoned for 14-16 hours :shock:

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    Axle4worc Well-Known Member

    That's awesome dude. Exactly what I was looking for.
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    n3fta Well-Known Member

    How are you guys measuring the mg per edible without testing the product? It's simply not possible and even your estimates are completely unreliable.

    Axle4worc Well-Known Member

    It is true that my estimates are not precise since I am not professional but after 34 years of smoking I would not say "completely unreliable". I can guesstimate if my weed is closer to 5% thc or 15% just by smoking it. If you want to know for sure, you can have it tested. MCR labs is an accredited testing facility in our area.

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