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Question about hydroguard and similar

Discussion in 'Hydroponics / Aeroponics' started by chasingwaterfalls, Mar 16, 2017.


    chasingwaterfalls Active Member

    Hi all,

    Wanna first say how helpful RIU has been - thank you all.

    Topping up my DWC res last week, I had mixed extra nutes, so I put an extra 2 gallons aside in a 5gal bucket. I had a pair of air stones going in it.

    Today, I went to pour this water into the res, and I noticed a gunky/slimy buildup on the airstones. No smell. Took a pic of the stuff floating in water too, it looked a little like phlegm.

    I'm using hydroguard; does anyone have any insight into or experience with this kind of build up on the air stones? Was there more room for whatever is in hydroguard to grow, since there werent roots in this bucket?
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    visajoe1 Well-Known Member

    my mix did the same after i left it out a couple days. I tossed it and no longer let any unused mix stay in a jug. mix and use

    chasingwaterfalls Active Member

    Good call, going to be more careful about mixing only what I need.

    In your case, was it sitting in a bottle or being aerated? Also a little curious about what it was, but at any rate, I can just avoid it completely ha
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    visajoe1 Well-Known Member

    I had it capped in a jug with a black bag over it.

    WeedFreak78 Well-Known Member

    You're in dwc. There's no difference between mixed nutes in your res and mixed nutes in a jug. Keep it aerated and it will be fine. What other nutrients are you using? I get similar gunk from Liquid Karma. I also always have a light "slime" on all my air lines and stones that are in water, but never my roots. I assumed it was the hydroguard colony of beneficials, I could be wrong.
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    chasingwaterfalls Active Member

    Good to know it's not just me!

    From your experience, this kind of gunk is okay? My guess was that it was from the bennies, too.

    I had seen light "slime" buildup in my res before, but it was more on the lines and walls, and def not as gunky and phlegmy as this backup res was.

    I'm using basically all GH (and I'm terrible at remembering what they're actually made of - still a noob!):
    GH flora micro+bloom (lucas)
    GH calmag
    GH floralicious +
    GH Koolbloom liquid

    WeedFreak78 Well-Known Member

    I'd say the light slime is OK in an active res, but keep an eye on it, just in case. The floralicious+ is probably the cause of the gunk, sea kelp and humic products do it to mine.
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    Launchpad_Mcquack Member

    been using hydroguard for 3+ years. tho im udwc system, i've never noticed any slim on my air stones when i had them. stopped using air stones 2 years ago. honestly, i think i noticed more gunk with air stones vs none..
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    Jon E. Doe

    Jon E. Doe Well-Known Member

    Earlier in the year I got really sick with that seasonal crud. Day 1 of that shit I checked my res, it looked kinda like that. 2 days in bed withot checking them followed. It got kinda warm over those w days and pythium took hold, it sucked ass for minute. Cost me 2 weeks overall.

    visajoe1 Well-Known Member

    I run a gang of bennies on my DWC. there is a fuckin army in that bucket. hydroguard, orca, and great white. no chiller. i dont even check water temps anymore, but it probably hasnt been under 70 degrees in the last 2 weeks. no issues.
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    motoracer110 Well-Known Member

    I used to use H2o2 every 3 days then a guy at the grow store said to try this product orca which is a liquid micorrhizae and never had any problems ever since. This stuff will out grow any bad bacteria very fast. I dose this stuff at every res change I highly recommend giving this stuff a shot.
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