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Quiet. The Neighbors Can Hear You (Sound Control Thread)

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by one2threeBUDS4, Oct 21, 2008.


    wayward1 Member

    I'm trying so find a controller that works with my td silent 350/125 in-line fan. I've read about variable frequency drivers and variable autotransformers and other ones, but I get lost as to which is compatible. I don't want any hum and I want it safe. Any suggestions? Btw, I think my fan is a permanent spilt capacitor type!
    cookie master

    cookie master Member

    the mdf box is a good idea, might as well put the ballasts in too, make it a chamber with the carbon filter sucking in and have an exhaust port.

    ResinLip Member

    Has anyone tried to solve the "tink-tink-tink" of a co2 tank and regulator connected to a fuzzy logic controller? It is the loudest thing in the room. :(

    My room is pretty quiet between the Panasonic whisperline and whisper ceiling fans that I have plus the Eheim water and air pumps. The thick O-rings on the air stones plus duct insulation also help.

    Before the Co2 tank and relay, the only thing you could hear were the relays clicking inside the Titan controllers. I think it is just the tank echoing the noise so I am thinking to wrap in in a layer of Dynamat from car audio.

    Any suggestions on reducing this particular noise? Look at the video in my signature to see/hear how quiet my room is.

    Javadog Well-Known Member

    Great Noise Question....do not use CO2 but remain hopeful! :0)

    ResinLip Member

    Well, thanks. The other idea I have is to remotely mount the valve. Perhaps there is a high pressure rubber house that I can mount between the tank and regulator itself. That should decouple the tinking of the relay from that echo chamber called a tank.

    ResinLip Member

    I made little video of the co2 tank noise. I think I will pursue the two ideas mentioned and see how hat goes. I tried throwing a blanket over the tank but that did not help much.


    Javadog Well-Known Member

    Well, that captured it pretty well.

    The problem is that even just broadly googling strings like
    "growing CO2 problem noise ping" would find hits here if they
    existed, but I found nothing here or elsewhere.

    Good luck

    P.S. The one hit that was at all relevant was a paintball forum....but it
    did relate to a pressure air tank pinging....it was a spring-loaded valve.
    The recommendation was that it be shrunk-wrapped. (I know...ugh ;0)

    ResinLip Member

    Damping the round cylinder might go a long way. I can even hit a resonance with the tank just speaking normally in the grow closet. It can be heard resonating through the tank.

    cawolves Well-Known Member

    And don't forget the sound of Bob Marley and someone talking to themselves and laughing at their own jokes.

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    wegethigh Well-Known Member

    You can also use a muffler
    Amy Betty

    Amy Betty Member

    The best you can do (while not blowing your wallet) is to use the good old egg cartons, from pirate radios from decades ago to this day it still remains an incredibly solid method to disperse sound waves and effectively making the whole thing a lot quieter!

    ResinLip Member

    A walk through the grow closet with a Radio Shack SPL meter.



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