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Discussion in 'Concentrates and Extracts' started by selfmedicator462, Oct 10, 2016.


    Fadedawg Well-Known Member

    The FDA lists both Propanol-2 and Ethanol as Class III solvents, with exactly the same residual limits of 5000 ppm or 50 mg/day.

    There is no question that Isopropyl (P-2) is more damaging in excess than ethanol, but the point is perspective.

    Neither was found damaging by the FDA hygiensts below 5000 ppm or 50 mg/day.

    Because of how many lives have been ruined by alcoholism, ethanol is one most closely studied of the alcohols, and the data will show it is responsible for any number of toxic effects, including cancer, when consumed toxic levels or chronically at sub-toxic levels.

    When Isopropyl is consumed at sub toxic levels, the person doesn't keel over like they were shot, but it does attack the central nervous system, especially the auditory nerves.

    Consider the conundrum of having the material available to extract cancer meds for a patient, but no access to any Class III solvent less damaging than Isopropyl. Should the patient be allowed to die, or should they take their best shot using a Class III solvent that can easily be removed below toxic levels???

    Our central method of extracting cannabis meds is Butane or Ethanol, because both are considered GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe) by the FDA, and suitable for inclusion in food stuff.

    Normal and Isobutane are both used as a food propellant, and ethanol available as drinking alcohol.

    If neither were available, we would move to the next available Class III solvent, with the least toxic effect, and would purge below toxic levels.

    We also have human sensory threshold working to our favor, to at least keep us out of the deep woods, but I will come back to a proviso on that in a moment.

    In the case of Isopropyl, it smells and tastes like Isopropyl at 5000 ppm, so head space GC tests aren't required to sense its presence at those levels but in general if you aren't in a position to verify your residual solvent levels, sticking with the least toxic GRAS solvents adds further levels of safety.

    Coming back to the sensory threshold thing. I judged concentrates at a cup that required a stiff entry fee, so each of the entries ostensibly thought they had the winner. About three of the 28 samples had retained Iso above both sensory and residual solvent limits.

    That implies ignorance, or inured senses. With constant exposure, our sensory perception thresholds raise.

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    WeedFreak78 Well-Known Member

    Do you know what a solvent is? I think you should stop drinking, period, if ingesting them bothers you. Congratulations....

    WeedFreak78 Well-Known Member

    Someone entered a cup like with that, WTF? Shouldn't that be grounds for disqualification? Taste iso/butane, any solvent, you're out, not even judging you. Next question is how many were just below the sensory limits? I find most extracts I've had taste "dirty". My buddy was gifted one of those plastic ball vac chambers, we've since upgraded. Our first qwet run tasted cleaner than anything I ever had, smooth and flavorful. We've done butane since with similar results. I'm really hesitant about other people's product now that I know what it should be like. It's not a hard process, just time consuming. I think most people are too impatient and rush the purge. Maybe we should enter a cup, I have an extremely tasty blueberry.

    BobCajun Well-Known Member

    Okay, then lets say if you knew anything about organic solvents of the alcohol class you would only drink ethanol if you were very stupid. But then if you would repeatedly drink something that makes you puke at the time and all the next day you'd probably still drink it even knowing all about it.
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    gwpharms Well-Known Member

    Etoh extarct of blueberry is THEE best tasting concentrate anyone has ever had. It would win a cup hands down regardless of potency. It actually tricks the brain into thinking your eating blueberry so the glads start to salivate.
    I have one grower that supplies me with it in small amounts which i make a craft batch out of because it is so amazingly good. Hes a small grower so we keep it between us. Lavender terps.mmmmm
    all my other suppliers grow gorilla glue cheese and death star. Good but just not the same
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    CannaGroWA New Member

    This is so interesting to me. I have a some beautiful ladies this year. I have been growing for a little while now and have succeeded well with doing so. I just have no experience with making concentrates. I would love to learn how and am I am trying to follow these post to figure it all out. Some lingo I do not understand well. I am a smoker, but I have been making my own herbal salves and lotions for the last few years with essential oils and herbs I grow. I want to add cannabinoids and with doing so I would like to use concentrates. I want to be able to use my concentrates with vaping, digesting, and also as a topical. I have used this blog sight for years now, but was only a user and not contributing. I have decided to set in here with hopes of some help.
    I am about to harvest and was wondering if you can run some fresh cannabis and get a good result. I have no machines. I have lots of dried product to use also.
    What is better for what I need. Iso 99% and is there a certain brand I should use? Sounds like everclear is not your favorite choice. I live in Washington. I am not sure where I would get the 200 proof ethyl? I have a nice CBD plant this year that I want to do a 50/50 concentrate.
    Also how is RSO different from a QWISO?
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    Grow Goddess

    Grow Goddess Well-Known Member

    You can run fresh cannabis, but it needs to be very dry. The more dry, the better the result.

    I recommend 99% isopropyl unless you have a confident supply of 200 proof ethyl. The downside with the 200 proof ethyl, is it may not work with all strains. I have had the least problems with 99% iso. Everyone has their preference.

    RSO is heat decarbed. The negative side to that is if you smoke it the product will be harsh. Also, many terpenes are lost or damaged during the decarbing process. The up side is RSO can be ingested with good results. It is also easy and quick to make.

    QWISO, at least mine, contains many of the essential terpenes from cannabis. It can be smoked or vaped with little to no harsh effect and offers a better taste.

    ND Sap: I discovered this when making QWISO. It will naturally decarb in around 120 days when stored in a sealed container. There is more to the process than what I have written here, and it is the most difficult with the least return, but is the best oil to ingest, but I do not recommend to beginners to try to make.

    You can learn more about my oil making here and selecting Grow Goddess' Blogs. Soon I will have everything on my own site. http://cchub.org/Blogs/blogs.html
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    thump easy

    thump easy Well-Known Member

    Were are you guys buying bulk terpines?? Im getting raped over hear!!! Im about to send samples to a lab for testing on cut vg 800$ a gal and 9000.00 a gal from down town los angles ya those numbers are correct just dont think this is correct but terpenes were are you guys sorsing your bulk from????

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