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Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by rollitup, Jul 8, 2007.


    aldvoff1969 Member

    I'm growing in Hydroponics my plants they're starting to look like spinach leaves what's up with that they're big and fat and stuff is there something wrong is it over watering over nutes what is it I've had this before and didn't figure it out but it went away

    brunao Member

    1) PICS BELOW: edit: sorry for the size, i've only noticed aftewards.
    2) Growing indoors - 105w CFL and couple hours of sun whenever is possible.
    3) Watering once a week with organic fert BioGrow 3-0-8 ( never had to give water between one fertlizer session from another so the watering was always combined with fert.)
    4) Organic matter (compost 40% and humus 10%) and coco coir 50%.
    5) 45 days - Vegetative

    Some leaf tips are getting kind of a faded dark green, the plant seems healthy, but i've been noticing this problems in some leaves..

    Additional info: found one single ladybug today, checked for pest and found nothing, all leaves look good from beneath, nice green coolor with no bugs, dots or anything similiar to pests..

    Thanks in advance

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