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Replant Those Long Stretchy Stems ( Its Easy )

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by goten, May 7, 2011.


    MaloMAL Active Member

    Man I cannot stand those autos lol
    No i don't have shitty luck with them. I just cannot stand how fast they flower and how much repotting I go through. Hahaha man middle of summer ? Shit it's cold over here bud

    A[Y]S New Member

    hey, noob here, ive done tons of reading but first time grow. I'll cut to the chase - grew the little guys on the window sill for weeks before my lights came in. They tall, about 12"-16", not a chance to support themselves, (top foilage is getting big).

    So question is... half the crop is going outside, half inside some large pots... i can plant these 12+ inches deep? in both settings?

    I only ask because I couldn't find any plants that resemble mine in this thread - everyone seem to address this at a much earlier stage than I have. While I'm sure the plants will do well, I'm curious how deep these little guys can go - hypothetically if i grew 4' tall skinny stems that couldnt support themselves, could I literally plant them 3.5 feet deep and aim for correction?

    Thanks in advance for any advice - been reading alot of posts and learning tons from the community. Hope my question wasn't already answered, and I hope my hypothetical question induces conversation

    Purpnugz Well-Known Member

    Twisted Sister IMG_1956.JPG IMG_1950.JPG

    White Witch just got topped and cloned tip. IMG_1937.JPG

    TS Clone 3
    IMG_1953.JPG 2 IMG_1947.JPG
    Witch clone

    gg2 Well-Known Member

    I did repot and this is second day, but seems no shock.. Just hoping they will grow bigger.. Someone told me I needed perlite? How do I add this b/c I do not want to mess with soil again. Can you just add some on top soil? any help would be so appreciative n thank you:peace:

    Dynamo626 Well-Known Member

    no perlite needs to be mixed with the soil b4 planting. Fyi it has grown for 1000s of uears without perlite. You dont need it it just adds drainage
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    gg2 Well-Known Member

    Great and thank you for this info so much:hump:
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    MaloMAL Active Member

    Remove lower nodes on clones you don't need them, they also force you to care more the the clones until it roots. If you want fast rooting clones avoid leaving the majority of lower leaves and nodes. Essentially lollipopping the clones. Snip the tips of the large UPPER fan leaves. I guarantee your clones would root faster. It's all in the roots man. More roots more nodes. Good luck
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    rollersmokergirl Member

    Thank you so mucho for the valuable Info!:clap:

    SensiBlaze Member

    I think this can work to some extent. In my experience if you have stretching issues very early on in the seedlings' life, all hope is lost.. It may be strain dependant and definitely affects a sativa far worse.. But if the plant is born into a low light situation I think something in the genetics tells the plant that it needs to grow very tall to survive throughout its life. Kind of like if you prune a plant too early it will stunt the plant permanently.

    Dynamo626 Well-Known Member

    stretching a
    stretching as a seedling just popped by no means does it mean all hope is lost. i have customers come in with plants so stretched out they are growing along the soil. add some soil to support the stem and move the light closer they are just fine. stretching as a seedling has nothing to do with strain. many plants stretch for light as a seedling. in nature if a seedling isnt getting enough light it usually is because grass and weeds are shading them. they stretch fast get above the crap and then grow just fine. i do my first top at abought a week and a half. they are never stunted.

    SensiBlaze Member

    That is definitely good to know. I must have just ended up with some lanky stem genetics haha. I had to go out of town for a week so I raised my lights up a lot to compensate and when I came back I had a seedling with 3 nodes that was over a foot tall lmao. Ended up having to tie up every branch to keep them from falling under bud weight.. Very light, fluffy buds too, so I was surprised it couldn't handle its own! I tend to stick with indica dom varieties for indoors to avoid that issue now

    Dynamo626 Well-Known Member

    Foot is pretty tall in that case would have also topped it to the first node. Usually you can catch the stretch before its over 4 or 5 inches if taller than that also top
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    gotty Member

    My first grow also.....also had a couple of wannabe beanstalks....repotted and added more soil upto (feeder leaves) i thought they were called. No major prolems but them bloody flies..gnats I believe. Tried drying my soil right out as I've read gets rid but...I keep seeing them. Guess there's no way to totally get rid?

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