running seeds vs keepers and clones

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    see4 Well-Known Member

    Seeds vs Clones, can be summed up with one simple question. What are your goals?

    If you like strain hunting, popping seeds is fun. If you're into output and/or have already found your nirvana strain, go with clones.
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    Afgan King

    Afgan King Well-Known Member

    Ya I got keep problem too

    Got more too just can't remember them all right now

    Tahoe Og
    Durango Og
    Florida Og
    Cornbread Og #4
    Buford Og
    Jesus og craft
    Jesus og Paul
    Gsc x tangie (male and female)
    Gsc x gg4 (female)
    Pura vida
    Mothers milk
    Jabber wocky
    Lemon alien
    Alien blues
    Buddha's delight
    24k x faceoff og
    Purple urkle
    Purple drank aka Ken's og grape pheno
    Grape god bud
    Jillybean candy cut
    Jillybean Canadian cut
    Bubba kush
    Kandy Kush
    Sonic screwdriver 1 and 6
    Gg4 s1
    Lemon g x star dawg
    Kush berry
    Strawberry cough
    Afghan Kush
    Gsc x star dawg
    Blue lime pie

    Paraplant Active Member

    Thanks DUDE

    Nef22 Member

    Quite the list of strains there AK. How's the Durango OG & Alien Blues? Been thinking about trying out some La Plata..
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    Afgan King

    Afgan King Well-Known Member

    Love em Durango real fire alien blues pretty good I like lemon alien better tho Durango and lemon alien are their two best
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    Nef22 Member

    Good to know, prolly have to run the Durango now that you say. Most Alien crosses I've tried have that funky alien taste, still trying to find a citrus og variation..or a skunky/gg4 alien
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    rene112388 Well-Known Member

    With seeds there is no guarantee you will have females. Also remember that there is more genetic variation with seeds so the first seeds you pop may be great genetics and the other could be less desirable. Seeds are a great way to select phenotypes with desirable genetics but with variablility you could lose the desirable traits.
    With clones they produce a genetically identical plant to the mom which is wonderful for keeping desired traits, however the genetics do break down over time and a killer strain can become shit. Your best bet is to select "keepers" run them as clones awhile and then breed them with male pollen from a plant with the desired phenotype. Your first generation will contain all the dominate traits. Then breed again to stablize the genetics and produce an f2 generation that will display more of the true genetics. The f2 generation seeds will display 50/50 dominate/recessive traits which you may desire those traits more than the parent plants ir the f1 generation. Hope that made sense.
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    Arkitecht Well-Known Member

    I'm a huge seed junkie for sure, but I also clone genetics/phenos I really like. I don't keep moms, I clone in flower.
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    ttystikk Well-Known Member

    Cloning in veg is much easier, just a matter of running one and keeping the other until you know.
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    kmog33 Well-Known Member

    I have moms and run beans. Why not do both. Have your stable around so you know what you're getting. Mix in some beans. Occasionally you'll end up replacing one of your mom's with a new one, etc. :)

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    Grojak Well-Known Member

    If variety is your thing clones are a great way to have it (especially if you're in a state with legal access as clones are spewing out everywhere. What I would do is sit down and make a top 5 list of what you have, ask yourself why these are the top 5, what makes these unique. I'm not saying you get rid of the other 11 but you figure out what you can let go and what you can't if you HAD to, this will help you down the line in determining your taste, aroma, high that you like, especially if breeding is in your thoughts, you'll be most familiar with these favorites and will notice the genetic similarities and differences when you start growing crosses with them. For me a top 5 list would include

    SSH or GTH #1 SSH shorter flowering time bother are amazing
    Buddha Tahoe (my cut from seed)
    Strawberry Cough
    Sensi Star

    I mostly prefer strong sativa / sativa hybrids but do love a good indica stone at night. I've ran through all the popular shit and hold some of it still but a lot of it is either really similar to something else or just doesn't do it for me. Sometimes I find an amazing plant that just doesn't fit my grow style, it happens I'll gladly donate to someone who can do it justice.

    So now to seeds, from the above list (assume it was your personal 5) you can start to figure out what seeds you should jump into. Lets assume this was your top 5 you could start getting crosses of these and pheno hunt and if desired start backcrossing to your favorites to try and find that holy grail within your favorites.

    Or just ignore that all together and by stuff you don't know about based on the rave reviews of internet folks or a great hype man *coughTGAcough*

    For me when I'm looking for beans I'm thinking "what could I cross that too" if nothing comes to mind I pass (with few exceptions). I have a pack of Motorebel Apollo 13 F4 and I'm sure there is some fire in there but only got them for a stud, I have an amazing original bro's grimm Apollo 11 genius pheno waiting to be dusted. I love pheno hunting within my favorite lines. Got a Double Purple Doja x Blue Satelite that I'm IBL working on this amazing Sweet Tooth pheno, the last thing I was expecting to find in there (genetically speaking it only makes up 18% of the cross) that is the real fun of pheno hunting and creating beans for me, finding that exotic plant and knowing only you have it is amazing.

    elkamino Well-Known Member

    Interesting! Can you give us a specific example? :joint:
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    ttystikk Well-Known Member

    I can; short squat Indica plants don't do well on tall vertical trellis setups because they take too long to grow that tall.
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    Grojak Well-Known Member

    Sure, Afpak was one, ATF another. ATF great smoke, amazing trichome coverage but try as I might I always ended up with an ounce or more of fluff, if I was a hash grower it'd of been an amazing plant. I crossed her before letting her go so I'll try and find something better in them beans one day.
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    Arkitecht Well-Known Member

    I agree with you 100%. I don't usually take clones past week 2 or so of flower, and thus far I have had very good success.
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    waterproof808 Well-Known Member

    Ummm....there is a bit of misinformation in your post.

    1. Genetics do not break down over time with clones. That is absolutely false and if you experience that it is grower error. Does anyone today think chem91 is shit? What about clackamascoots "The One" from 1984...still going strong today, 32 years later. Tons of elites have been around for more than a decade.

    2. Your breeding info only works if using true breeding, homozygous parents aka pure breeds. You cant assume phenotypic distribution will work like that with cannabis, since the vast majority of available strains are hybrids or polyhybrids.
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    waterproof808 Well-Known Member

    It all depends on your goals as a grower. If you want consistency and familiarity stick with what you know and dial it in as best as possible. If you like the hunt, then pop seeds nad search through phenotypes...there is nothing wrong with doing either or doing both. At some point you will undoubtedly come across something that rivals your keepers and you will have to make a tough choice between them.

    I personally will always love popping seeds but also keep a few familiar clones at all times. I also dont believe in strain hoarding because I think its a good way to lose something permanently...if you share with a few friends that you trust you have a better chance of getting that strain back should the unthinkable happen in the future.
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    doniawon Well-Known Member

    Thank u for clarifying, I hate that myth
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    doniawon Well-Known Member

    And your still hunting. Just amazing
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    rene112388 Well-Known Member

    I should have said can break down, do apologize for any thing I said incorrectly I was very sick and normal toughtz were slightly difficult at that time thank you for the insight.
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