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Security warning regarding Grasscity

Discussion in 'Support' started by Sativa Dragon, Jan 23, 2016.


    sunni Administrator Staff Member

    thats having the location on your cellphone photos, this thread is about IP addresses. two different things
    you drinking tonight?

    ODanksta Well-Known Member

    1 pint of R&R and one tall boy Coors original.

    IP address and location from a cellular device is practicality the same thing..

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    sunni Administrator Staff Member

    no. not even close.

    this thread is about mods who pulled an ip address from someones account at grasscity and the person got super paranoid over it
    what the person doesnt understand is that any forum uses IP tracking, and that IP addresses just tell general location like city and state, and service provider. and that an IP address doesnt "out" your location.

    data off your smartphone photos is a totally different thing, when you have your GPS on your smartphone active and you put a photo online anyone can pull the metadata information to know where that photo was taken, because its GPS its exact location or very close too pulling metadata off your photos is not something a moderator would use for their modding on a forum

    see the difference? the topic youre bringing up is completely irrelevant to the subject matter of the OP .

    sunni Administrator Staff Member

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    Fender Super

    Fender Super Well-Known Member

    GrassCity is cop central. I'll never post there.
    greg nr

    greg nr Well-Known Member

    Keep in mind that while your ip address may rotate from time to time, your mac address usually won't. Also, the patriot act requires ISP's to keep a log of what IP was used by what mac address and customer at specific times. They keep that data for 90 days as a rule.

    VPN's can mask your IP/MAC addresses, but there are ways to trace around or through a VPN. And tor security is known to be broken.

    It's really a question of who is looking for you and why. If it is a fed/state agency, they can easily find you; the question is why would they be looking. They don't need RIU's help. If it's a ripper, well, probably not so easy.

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