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Discussion in 'Canadian Patients' started by mojoganjaman, Nov 14, 2017.


    mojoganjaman Well-Known Member

    well folks...my clone guy shit the bed this year, so I want to start a fresh run for cloning..who have you dealt with???...were you happy with your purchase???...let the experiences fly!!!!

    mojo the seedless

    cannadan Well-Known Member

    what kinda strains you looking for....??? maybe our group here could come up with something....to make things work....if you follow
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    mojoganjaman Well-Known Member

    I like trainwreck, green crack and blueberry...thanks budz!!!!


    gb123 Well-Known Member

    I have green crack seeds from the UK you're welcome to try if you like?!
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    cannadan Well-Known Member

    hmm I got none of those...but do have "friendly bear" from Bruce Peninsula seed company.
    it is south african sativa strain durban poison crossed with purple rasta.
    It is vigorous,stable and quite potent...
    thing I liked most about this one was it was an early finisher,for a sativa...hybrid
    55 to 65 days. indoors....or second week September outside,central Ontario and little to no mold.
    I originally got them from a 420 event in TO...
    It smells very fruity but has a taste of licorice as well...which is kinda weird...combo.

    one other thing...they really have worked on this strain as far as climate is concerned.
    from the 4 plants of it... I grew the year before....(which ended up with a small amount of seed from a neighbour's male plants)
    it reproduced 13 plants the following spring,all on its own,after the seeds had wintered themselves in my garden,
    of that 13..... 7 were females and 6 males.
    I had not intended to grow anything outdoors this past summer...after getting broken into and ripped off last year.
    so,I left all the natural grown females,to finish up, and was glad I did....for 2 reasons.
    1- I really like a well done outdoor plant for its potency
    2- they made really good decoys(tracker chips) for the rippers to try and get ....should they had tried again this past summer, but they basically did not.
    Anyways sorry for the long read... shoot me a pm if you are interested.

    also have northern light's x skunk#1
    and critical kush x super kush
    and a few others.
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    dienowk Well-Known Member

    Jordan of the islands has blueberry, gods green crack (no pure green crack), and trainwreck crossed with god bud or blueberry.
    I am growing his crimson crystal currently and it is looking/smelling real good but I will not know about final product for another couple of months once it has been harvested and cured.

    coppershot Well-Known Member

    Hemp Depot

    Greenpoint Seeds (cheap prices for fire genetics)
    Oregon Elite Seeds
    Great Lakes
    James Bean

    No need to fuck with the Euro banks.

    mojoganjaman Well-Known Member

    holy...thank you all...I should have been more specific...I'm looking for feminized seeds...have a friend lined up to grow them for clones( I don't do indoors ) so I need to have that "hope" that they are female...buddy has his own script and is willing to break his cycle to help...clarity is good goat...lol

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  9. I've ordered from hempdepot.ca recently on a Friday morning 8AM and it was delivered Monday afternoon :)
    They also take interact bank transfers.
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    coppershot Well-Known Member

    Most of the banks I have listed carry feminized versions of their gear or stock some breeders who offer fems. With this in mind, the Can/USA banks are stocking more fem gear than they used to, but the Euro banks do offer a wider selection of feminized seeds. I would still stick with Canadian/USA bank imo.
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    Pendragon Well-Known Member

    Love Greenpoint.
    Gu, the owner has great communication and service.
    Great genetic.
    Hemp depot also good.
    Also Homegrown Hydroponics will custom order seeds for you.
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    clouds Well-Known Member

    question do any of the local canadian spots have big head trippy gorilla. i looking to buy my 1st set of seeds but dont know any local is it safe to get seeds sent to my house from over seas or the states or best to send them to by friends house?

    freddyc Well-Known Member

    Hemp Depot has never disappointed me.

    mojoganjaman Well-Known Member

    well...I went with Crop King...5x white widow, 5x crown royal(kushxblueberry) and green crack...small order but its what this po dirt farmer could wrangle out of the 'ol lady...;)))

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