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Show off your glass!

Discussion in 'The Glass House' started by TheCauf, Nov 9, 2016.


    Litthefrog Well-Known Member


    Litthefrog Well-Known Member

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    HolyHerb Active Member

    IMG_3108.JPG Bought this bad boy to giveaway at a local event also giving away this groovy little carb cap. IMG_3097.JPG

    natureboygrower Well-Known Member

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    borbor Well-Known Member

    I didn't think it was worth it to include pipes or broken bongs or bongs that weren't glass on glass, so...
    From right to left-
    1.awesome recycler with an inline perc, made by somebody in north co (first name damien?), I only stopped into the shop for some butane, spent enough to roll the "wheel of fortune" and just my luck 40% off anything in the store, I noticed it right when I walked in, so 40% off made it totally worth the 250
    3. Fritted
    4. Weird Klien bottle style recycler, got it with the enail 5 days ago.
    5. Insane recycler, with an inline perc, custom bowl and dome. To be seen and not smoked.
    6. don't even know what to call the perc on this rig. It spins around while inhaling
    7. random rig
    8. (blue bowl) tiny cyclone
    9. random showerhead rig
    10. random lame ass bong.

    More of #5 to be seen and not smoked
    20170417_201643[1].jpg 20170417_201654[1].jpg 20170417_202035[1].jpg
    Roger A. Shrubber

    Roger A. Shrubber Well-Known Member

    looks like you spend more on devices to smoke weed, than you do on the weed to put in them....

    borbor Well-Known Member

    The oldest piece in the collection is like 4 or 5 years, I think it's either the recycler or the fritted. I bought a lot of em on 4/20, when the greatest glassblowers I know of (Kind Creations Fort Collins CO) do a buy one get one for $4.20 sale. For example, the one with the spinning perc was normally 500 (made by pukinbeagle) but I spent $260 and my friend spent $260 with me and we both left with $500 retail bongs.
    While I was growing, there was a lot of extra money around, from saving money on weed and from friends that liked my weed, so I'd literally buy anything less than a thousand dollars that I wanted. After I stopped growing, I had my med card so an oz of awesome bud costs me a hundred dollars, great shatter is like 30, distillate from 40-50, I'm never really strapped for cash, so I still like to go out on 4/20 and get a bong or two. It's always nice to be able to rotate pieces too, like "this one is just slightly dirty and I don't wanna clean it right now, next up!
    Wish I coulda included my fallen soldiers from Smash Glass and Bio. The Bio one is probably fixable, but Smash was the best functioning recycler I'd ever seen and fucked. Probably thrown away by the roommates by now.
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    Roger A. Shrubber

    Roger A. Shrubber Well-Known Member

    hey man, everybody has to have a hobby, at one point in time i had a folder full of pocket pages intended for trading cards, full of different packs of rolling papers, had 73 different kinds at one time, and in the back, folded up, i had a giant big bambu paper from the cheech and chong album.
    the funny thing is, i've never really liked joints, almost always have used a bowl or a bong, just like the art
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    kds710 Well-Known Member

    Bradley Miller tube with a bucket fixed to a 2 hole diffy. Chopper

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    David Mojo

    David Mojo Member

    I bout this one from GradientGlass

    Attached Files:

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    David Mojo

    David Mojo Member

    Rodrigo Thomason

    Rodrigo Thomason New Member

    received_834917990009105.jpeg received_834917990009105.jpeg received_834917990009105.jpeg Calypso. Made by Amsterdam Glass, actually looking to get rid off lol.

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    Wigiberto Well-Known Member

    Just cleaned em out....:bigjoint:

    HiSi 16" Straight Triple Bell Perc with Upline Ashcatcher.

    Hasmoke Member


    GrowerGaz95 Member

    43C790D7-D938-4DF9-AADE-241B5716CBB4.jpeg 3D8AD156-1A1C-4DB1-84CC-AF23C20F46A1.jpeg New bong and custom head 43C790D7-D938-4DF9-AADE-241B5716CBB4.jpeg 3D8AD156-1A1C-4DB1-84CC-AF23C20F46A1.jpeg

    blake9999 Well-Known Member

    Bong Broke. Had to MacGuiver it together
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