Speed Haze with a cheap COB

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    Just curious, what do you think of 24/0 rather than 18/6? I like simple. Never turning them off with auto-flower just seems like the simple way to go.

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    I personally wouldn't do over 20/4. I know they can handle 24/0 but 8 think they still benefit from a rest.
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    Final weight was 85 grams with large stems removed but still with some seeds on the lower buds from pollination. Given that this was the only plant in a 16inch by 16inch tent, I am not complaining. Works out to just over .5 grams per watt - I suppose if I had the space for one or two more plants I could have done a lot better, but let me be clear - I am not complaining. I'll post a few pics of the dried buds later on tonight. Cheers all

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    And now for some dried curing buds. This grow represents just one pheno of the speed haze strain, my overall impression - highly recommend - Thank you all for stopping by. 20180119_154822.jpg 20180119_154925.jpg 20180119_155002.jpg 20180119_160024.jpg 20180119_160015.jpg

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