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Super silver Haze indoors

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by Escartajo, Aug 1, 2017.


    Escartajo Member

    Hello everyone.

    Im about to grow some FEM SSH from greenhouse seeds.
    I have a taste for sativas, so I rarely grow indicas and while growing outdoors it was a pleasure to see those tall sativas heading for the sky. However due to some circumstances I had to change and grow indoors, which so far worked with Auto seeds, but when I tried FEM sativas, it all went wrong.
    My last plant was a nevilles haze and evebn tho i LST'ed and scroged it, the plant grew forever and filled the indoor, which ended up being a disaster.

    So, here's the deal.
    Even tho SSH is not as sativa as Nevilles haze, for how long should I Veg it?
    Assuming its haze breed and the fact that i'll be LSTing it, is a week good?
    Im planning to place 2 plants using 250w.
    The indoor is 1,80 meter tall and 80x80 cms.

    Thanks !
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    Escartajo Member

    Here are some pics of my Nevilles haze.

    The first one dates from when the plant was already 1 month into flowering period.

    The second one is the same plant 3 months later.

    Buds took forever to grow, right now the plant is up to the very top of the indoor, which is 1 mt tall.

    Rookie mistake.

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    Escartajo Member

    This is how the plant looks like today....


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