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The Ultimate Odour Control Thread

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by Arrid, Jul 16, 2008.


    Wunderwi Active Member

    Yep. Also use one on my flower room exaust.
    joey green

    joey green Member

    @Wunderwi how many plants? im blowing ona into the air but maybe i should set up like u....

    Wunderwi Active Member

    I have 4-6 in a perpetual. I also run a carbon filter. Can't have any smell around my house.
    Bill Lidgate

    Bill Lidgate Active Member

    How do you smelling folk* recharge your activated charcoal? Solvent extract? Pyrolyze?

    * I got anosmia

    BanginYoMama Member

    I don't know why but I have 2 female plants and every time I walk into the grow room it doesn't smell like weed but like someone took a crap in the room.
    The plants smell like good potent weed when I put my nose to them. They are in week 4 flower. I open the window for 10 mins and all the smell is gone.
    At which week of flower do plants start to make the room smell like weed?
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    uzerneims Well-Known Member

    Can't decide where to spend my money...
    Where to get fan that pushes 14CFM and with carbon filter?
    My space:

    110cm x 80cm x 45cm or 3.7feet x 2.7feet x 1.5feet

    I need appropriate inline fan and carbon filter, possibly with dimmer - what are the options?
    Space is small... can't do those PC fans...

    iHearAll Well-Known Member


    1/2" HDPE, high density polyethylene.

    ~ $25 a sheet online. Plexi is cheeper

    Used 7 sheets...

    Good thing i didnt buy these. I got them from a friend who, when left his company, was given a palet of these.. weird parting gift from a company though.
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    chronicals77 Well-Known Member

    Can someone help me out a little. My Ole Lady refuses to smoke outside, she doesn't understand that when you have a grow tent in the house with a 400cfm exhaust system that all that smoke is pulled through the house into the filter. My filter now has been running 7 weeks and the prefilter is yellowish brown already. This filter is supposed to last a year and a half as long as the humidity isn't above 70% which it isn't. My question is, how much running time is she reducing my filter by refusing to smoke outside? I have to replace the prefilter every 2-3 months because of tar. Anyone? I also really couldn't find anything online about this and I found this thread. I figured this was the best place for advice. I would like my filters to last atleast a year, they arent exactly cheap but are critical in odor control.
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    iHearAll Well-Known Member

    cant answer your questions but you could get a cigar lounge type filter for a particular room and call it the smoking room.

    calliandra Well-Known Member

    Yeah I smoke inside too, in the same room where I have my closet :roll:
    BUT I don't smoke lots and except for occasional visitors don't smoke premade cigarettes, only skinny self-rolled ones which make way less stink.
    I've been running a carbon filter pretty much nonstop for a year now and while I have exchanged the covering, I haven't noticed any reduction in canna-odour control.
    Just my experience with it :bigjoint:
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    chronicals77 Well-Known Member

    Cool, that helps a lot. Thanx!
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    chronicals77 Well-Known Member

    Within the last 2-3 weeks usually.

    chronicals77 Well-Known Member

    Well for a 4' x 4' x 6.5' tent a 200cfm odor system is suggested but I run 400cfm and I cant smell shit until I open the tent and put my head inside. 400cfm Phresh filter 1050+ Australian Virgin Carbon, 435cfm Hurricane Inline Fan, ran through a 1000w cooling tube and into my attic.
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    chronicals77 Well-Known Member

    It really is cheaper and best to just replace it.

    BobCajun Well-Known Member

    If a person uses an AC in their grow, they can get some extra odor fighting power by clipping an Aera Max carbon filter pad over the intake part of it. They're just about the right size to cover a small AC. I took out the dust filter screen that comes with it first. Probably won't need that with the carbon pad on and it just reduces air flow. I also use them on the exhaust fans of my grow chambers, 2 layers thick. I just use the small AC 12w PC type fans for 0.5 m2 chambers.

    I had 4" DC fans on it but they were too weak so I put a piece of cardboard over top of them with a hole the size of the 3" AC fans and mounted them there with the 4" fans still running, so I have sort of double power reducing size fans. Works okay now with 2 layers though still not huge air flow. I really don't want to be pulling large amounts of air through the chambers. Enough trouble keeping the smell down with low flow. Not gonna buy some big-ass carbon can thing and blow carbon dust around my home or put an exhaust going outdoors, which is an obvious tip-off.
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    iHearAll Well-Known Member

    yea im leaninh towards making mine a closed loop. i see lots of great results with them. hows the carbon filter on the ac work with late flower?

    BobCajun Well-Known Member

    Well it's just an extra thing really, I already have the same type of carbon pads over my exhaust fans, 3 layers, which remove most odor right there. Then I have a Bionaire air purifier in the room with carbon pads bungied onto the back, 3 layers there too. Can't smell plants at all. But figured that since the AC is pulling a lot of air through it I may as well put a pad on there too. Seemed like a natural thing to do, being right about the same size as the AC intake. I'm carbon padded up now.

    The pads are surprisingly effective considering they're only about 1/4" thick. Also no carbon dust at all. I had a cheap air purifier with carbon filter cartridges and I would find carbon on everything near where it blows out. These pads are quality. You do need 3 layers to remove practically all odor right at the exhaust fan though, which in my case is simply a 12w 3" AC PC fan. It's only 1/2 square meter chambers and not a high odor strain. But it's good to be able to remove the odor with just 3 layers of 3" square pieces of pad. That's not much pad really. I just clipped them to the corners of the fan with clothespins.

    Something else to consider about the standard method, exhausting air outside, is that you're pulling the air out of your home and pulling air in from outside. Not always a good thing, like if it's winter and you don't live in Cali or if it's summer and you used a lot of power to cool your home down. Seems better just to keep it inside. And anything going outside is a potential risk, if not from police then from robbers. How many non-weed growers have a bunch of air blowing outside, deodorized or not?
    Last edited: Aug 24, 2016
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    iHearAll Well-Known Member

    i think college kids or just broke people in general. but yea having the window propped open by an exhaust is sketchy for burglaries mostly. there are these room AC units that have wheels and the hot exhaust goes outside. home depot/lowes markets them. i imagine if i were to just get the adjustable window fitting they use then the landlord if he were outside would assume im just using a room AC versus the house AC for efficiency reasons. but they dont allow the window to lock around it.

    i found that when im smoking a joint, if i use my soldering smoke remover to suck in the smoke trails and my exhaling the tar is picked up by the replaceable carbon filter. there is some smell leftover but it's not like i can really get every bit of smoke into the filter. but sonce there's waaaaaaaaaay less smoke smell, in.aboit 20-30 minutes the entire smell is gone. pretty nifty.

    im an electronics guy so i just kinda put 2 and 2 together while rolling my first joint in this new lease. i was getting worried since its s bustly bussy town with notoriously crazy situations arising. college towns smh. and im older thsn most typical students so i don't want to get caught being stoner with thesr kids. i spologize if you're in that age group. just securing my future lol. obviously you are too lol
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    iHearAll Well-Known Member

    shopping.jpg 20-30$
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    BobCajun Well-Known Member

    Venting outside might be okay if you're in a house and can vent it up a chimney or somewhere else that it won't be noticed by passers by. You would still be pulling a lot of air through the house though, which could be bad in winter in cold regions. I also find that the normal AC I use to cool my home is all I need for dehumidification. It's always under 50% humidity just from the AC, which drips the water outside. Not particularly suspicious, since ACs always drip water anyway. The AC provides cooling and dehumidification at the same time, which is a handy thing about ACs. Unlike a dehumidifier it vents the heat outside, not in your home or grow space adding to the heat problem. I use LEDs anyway so less heat to start with. Now in the winter, it's a lot trickier, there is some condensation on nearby outer walls and windows. I just have to stay on it to prevent mold. I do own a dehumidifier but am reluctant to use it due to horrendous noise and heat. If I could get a little tiny one maybe, but they all seem to be big. I just find the places where condensation actually drips, like from windows, and I catch the drippings in a container. I manage to get though winters that way. Mold spray certainly gets used on walls though. Winter is my enemy.

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