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Using Gibberellic acid on old Seeds?

Discussion in 'Advanced Marijuana Cultivation' started by Gbuddy, Jan 4, 2018.


    vostok Well-Known Member

    The measure of a man is not the make of car or the length of his dick

    but the way he would make a deal

    you explain to some one better than you that you have an issue that he may resolve

    and for that assistance you would part with say 25% of the goods

    eventually he'd come down to 33% in which case you 'would agree

    after all you have to ask where all these 100's of breeders get their seeds from

    its all in the attitude you adopt to create that deal

    good luck
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    Gbuddy Well-Known Member

    I was searching for home use tissue culture.
    And damn fucking steril everything got to be.
    :-) I have no Lab. Sad but true.
    And I am hard working tax paying man with lil of time for hanging around university doors to find a student to do the Job.
    But its the best idea to do so because I am sure I will mess it up at home. Ask my Doberman about sterility :-D

    Once apon a time...
    I grew shrooms and started from spores all the way down to petri dishes to corn cultures aso. All steril jobs involved were hard to accomplish for me at home.
    My first inoculation box I blew up because I sterilized the box and then put the burner in to early and BOOOOM !!
    Burned all hairs off of my hands lol
    But believe it or not after all I ended up with a lot of them nice lil ni┼łos santos.

    They not even crack the shell

    I did a run using a solution of hydrogen peroxide solution @~ 1-2% in papertowels last week.
    DIDNT WORK for the old beans.
    Had a side by side experiment with my old seeds and fresh seeds.
    Fresh ones sprouted old ones not.

    I ordered my ga3 today.
    If it dosnt work I ll try B1.

    I wont give up till the last seed is gone!
    That was the method I used first.
    Didnt work for this seeds.
    I am in a Land of mj prohibition.
    The guy at the nursery would just call the police when I would sail around his place with cannabis seeds to germ for him :-D

    I ll keep you updated
    Hope the ga3 arrives by next week.


    Gbuddy Well-Known Member

    Not that easy in a Land of mj prohibition.

    I have sent 100's of seeds (from the same storage box but other strains) over the big pond down to some skilled american friends.
    Not one seed germinated successful.

    Its the way they were stored.
    But its somehow strange because those 3000yr old cannabis seeds the russians found in a thomb they germinated successful. No fridge in the thomb... just an airtight sealed container like mine
    Ok they have labs and scientists and a couple.of thousa d seeds.....

    Thats why I refuse to give up.
    It can be done for sure...
    But what are the expences?

    My money and time is limited.
    If prohibition wouldnt be here I would go to the next university and talk to the right people...
    But untill that I am on my own legs.
    That sucks.


    Edit: I maybe try to put some seeds in the fridge for some time. Maybe a simulated winter can reactivate someting.
    But first of all I ll try ga3 next
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    ANC Well-Known Member

    Practice growing shrooms from a spore print once or twice. You should master most of the sterile practices at home level doing that.
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    Gbuddy Well-Known Member

    Dunno bro..... its a f***** pain in the ass. Hope ga3 will work.
    Next step is tissue culture I know.

    Could do the sterile inocculation over my gasburner could work maybe. As long as its not to complicated to clean the plantmatter. I need more input on that upfront.

    But atm I am a bit frustrated... downloaded a book about tlo.... wanted to brew some foamy teas like the guy but...

    Check this out

    Gbuddy Well-Known Member

    Did I mention that I hate my government?... and they hate me back!

    ANC Well-Known Member

    You make a simple sterile box with dishwashing gloves, a tote, and a box cutter (also make a little see-through window. Sterilize the crap out of it with alcohol.
    Find a small tiled bathroom, make sure all windows are closed for a while so dust can settle. Spray an air sterilizer from a can, and get to work. Plenty of youtube vids to show you the ropes, like never moving your hand over, or reaching over an open container etc.
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    Gbuddy Well-Known Member

    If y
    If you know somebody who can do it
    ...I'll share the genetics with you and the people who can get em goin. Just want a copy or two of each pheno myself to keep the stuff around.

    I always try to share what I have. ( and I have more than those old beans.) But they are very special.
    I can send it where ever you want no problem.
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    Gbuddy Well-Known Member

    Building a inocculation box is not the problem bro....
    I know how to make one nicely after frieing my hands.....

    The kit I found that looked nicely was 176$
    And the diy version is even more expensive and also complicated lol.
    So its the last thing I'll try.
    They dont pay me good at work.
    A poor fella like me always checks a dime two times if you know what.I mean.

    The Plan is ga3 next
    Maybe b1 if ga3 sucks
    Or tissue culture ( I think the kits are better for me)
    But I will have to make a decission.
    Is it worth 200buck and messing it up?
    Dunno need some meditation to make the decission I guess :-D

    xtsho Well-Known Member

    I've played around with Ga3 in the past for old seeds but not cannabis. I had some twenty year old flower seeds that came from Ft Vancouver and had been in small envelopes in a drawer. I ended up with about a 20% germination rate. I used a 200 ppm solution.
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    Gbuddy Well-Known Member

    Sounds good to me!
    I would be happy ending up with 20% germination rate.
    At the moment I am at zero % ....So 20% would be great! :-D
    I need just a female and a male to get F2 to select from. I know what I am searching so F2 would be what I aim.
    S1 dunno.....wouldnt be good for my purpose....
    There is always some recombination of gen's even in S1 but it would shorten variety big time.... So a male and a female is just ok better would be higher numbers of each males and females to get a better chance to find the phenotype I am loocking for in F2.

    I wont give up... but the Ice is getting thinner with every seed I waste. I fear counting them but its about 15 seeds or so left right now.

    Hope dies last


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