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Vert(600+400) 5 plant, from Ukraine with love

Discussion in 'Vertical Growing' started by Sedan, Apr 15, 2017.


    Sedan Well-Known Member

    Plants are absolutely healthy .. a little hot the truth ...

    макро 1.jpg макро 2.jpg макро 3.jpg
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    Sedan Well-Known Member

    The Kharkov Dolphinarium


    Sedan Well-Known Member

    Saint P


    ttystikk Well-Known Member

    I'm aware that the economic and social upheavals in your country products many such situations where highly trained people found themselves doing basic manual labor to survive, while stupid yet greedy oligarchs bled the country dry. I respect them, and you, for continuing on and applying your knowledge in any way you can.

    Interesting place to have monkeys. Here in America, we keep our monkeys in Washington, in special zoos called the House of Representatives, the Senate and the White House. The tour is that knowing this, we continue to listen to them anyway! So who are the monkeys?
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    Lucky Luke

    Lucky Luke Well-Known Member

    Maybe not Ukraine but not so far away either. My mother is visiting St Petersberg next month for a few weeks. Its meant to be a beautiful city.
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    Sedan Well-Known Member


    Bro, I'll reveal the secret, I'm a master in primatology. Very correctly, you noticed! People understand everything, continue to blindly believe in illusion. This is some kind of paradox! Which pushes on very sad thoughts: It turns out people believe not in the truth, but in what they believe profitable and safe! What is it called?..... Not worth it, I myself know ... Horror !!!


    There's a paradox for you! This man made a revolution (1 day of the Maidan, costing about $ 1,000,000 for the "rebels"). Who financed this? Further, the revolution was successful. The IMF is sending Ukraine a tranche of several billion dollars, as it were, to raise the economy. The man in the photo, after a while at his villa, had a party.

    On which ....... celebrated ..... his first earned .. billion. Further more interesting: how he did not try to hide, it all leaked to the Internet! Everyone knew about this !! In addition to the CIA of course)))), because literally immediately another tranche of 10 billion. And most importantly, that there is no money in the country and it was not !!!!! And this is what is called !!! ?? .. Do not be .. Franz Kafka is not otherwise!

    Oh no, this is the road to .....

    Bro, tell your mother to visit the Hermitage and Peterhof.

    When I was in Leningrad when I was a child, the guide told in the Hermitage that if you go through the whole museum and stay with each expat for a few minutes, then the survey will take 25 years. The greatest collection of art collected in the former royal palace, now a museum!
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    Lucky Luke

    Lucky Luke Well-Known Member

    She does like Museums so I'm sure will spend at least a day there. Thank you for the tip, I shall pass it on.
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    Sedan Well-Known Member


    Sedan Well-Known Member

    How dear is the world of birch in a crimson dawn !!..................

    How else to translate .. I do not know))))))

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