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Discussion in 'DWC/ Bubbleponics' started by watsupbud, Jul 21, 2011.


    Niblixdark Well-Known Member

    If the nutrient solution is too close to the bottom of basket you can build up salts in the hydroton clay balls and cause toxicity over time.

    FennarioMike New Member

    Then why would Under Current have their systems run this high if it's problematic? Would all of their systems eventually fail from toxicity if this was true?

    And are you saying that the Hydroton shouldn't get wet at all from nutrient solution? Because, even if it's 2" from the bottom, wouldn't the popping bubbles wet the Hydroton, thereby also causing these salt build ups?

    Niblixdark Well-Known Member

    Yes it does over time thats why you flush every once and awhile. If it's too close (touching or submerged) You will get too much salt build up too quickly and then the medium gets over saturated with salts, root burn, plant burn & curled leafs, stunted growth, rust spotting. Over watered symptoms do happen in hydroponics if the water is too high. This is not a myth, it's fact.

    Am talking about standard DWC systems.
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