WHAT Controller for Ebb & Gro Bucket System?

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    There is a lot of DIY controllers for an ebb & flow bucket system, as well as commercial controllers.

    Which do you use?
    What is best?
    What is cheapest?
  2. Save the money on plumbing, contacter relay (s), pumps, water usage and head aches from constant maintenance and upkeep. Get a fertigation doser setup for the same $ spent. 40% yeild increases,inl
    ine, drain to waste ,single direction irrigation feeding precisely mixed nutrient and ph solution. Drip, low water consumption. No res no plumbing, no pumps or timers ....no maintenance.
    Saves room and is EPA/ USDA approved and can be funded by local agricultural grants. SAVES WATER AND NUTRIENTS.

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    You have a thread to research on? Didn't find much but more confusing chit chat
  4. Basically speaking the price of the related equipment you are inquiring about that is needed for a grow bucket system is quite expensive for what it does and what purpose it serves in the room it's an outdated technology and recent times have shown better system applications and designs using a "fertigation" automatic nutrient and acid injection feeding system(s). SDI subsurface drip irrigation is the technical trade term coined and used quite often to refer to this method. dosatron is a good example of a simple small scale unit, for novice applications.

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