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what strains are around the ol' 207?

Discussion in 'Maine Patients' started by caveman117, Sep 5, 2015.


    D'sNuts Well-Known Member


    Moose71 Active Member

    thats cool! I've got a w.w fem. photo i started 2 weeks after my autos. gonna let that girl get big as she will be the only one in there still going. got 10 auto widows peak ( w. widow x jack herer) i got from great lake genetics I'm anxious to start in the greenhouse as well as some more autos i got from bonza and original seeds come spring!
    Slimmy jim big

    Slimmy jim big Member

    Looking for a GG#4 cut if anyone would be willing.... I'm in central me ... I have a few you might be interested in also who knows ;)

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