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Wifi Temp Stick - IPhone Temp / Humidity Readings

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design & Setup' started by Hurdbird, Mar 19, 2017.


    Hurdbird Member

    Ive been thinking about trying one of these temp sticks. Seems like it has the ability to monitor temp / humidity and send alerts through email or text. Was thinking one of these and some sort of high temp safety switch for monitoring / safety purposes. Anyone ever try these or another product like the ones mentioned?



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    Jaybodankly Well-Known Member

    Your link goes to a pH meter. I use sensorpush sensors. They are bluetooth sensors. I have my ballasts plugged into a lighting controller that has a trigger cord to turn power on/off to the lights. That trigger cord is plugged in to thermostat (inkbird/amazon). That is set for 90 degrees. If room temp goes above 90. Lights shutoff.
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    Hurdbird Member


    GrowingTheDream Member

    I got a smarthub off amazon for 100$ it comes with 3 sensors and a hub. Only down side is the hub has to plugged into an ether cable.

    But the sensors are wifi, The sensors report to the hub and you can get an app which sends you all the data. You can view the info from the app.

    Logs temp and humidity and keeps data from 30 days old. Can set notificatins for temp or humidity if it gets to high or low

    Jaybodankly Well-Known Member

    They are all similar but slightly different. Find the best one for your needs. Disqualifiers for me are paying for a hosting service and limited range.

    ThaMagnificent Well-Known Member

    Wouldn't the trigger cord go to a timer?
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    Jaybodankly Well-Known Member

    You are correct for most ballasts. My ballasts have a timer built-in. You can still do it, plug the timer into the thermostat.

    ThaMagnificent Well-Known Member

    I'm looking at the sentinel and Helios models. Any preference?

    Jaybodankly Well-Known Member

    I just got the last of the Solis-Tek Matrix ballasts till mid-April. I think someone bought all the available stock for a big grow. Which one of it was you?

    ThaMagnificent Well-Known Member

    No, I mean the controller

    ruwtz Well-Known Member

    I second the SensorPush. I use them in my rooms and also in jars during early cure to get in the zone.

    Sends me phone notifications when the temp or RH is outside my set parameters and both variables can be see on a graph over time.

    Great product. Only downside is its Bluetooth only so you gotta be in range.
    fatty pneumonia

    fatty pneumonia Active Member

    Sensorpush now has a wireless gateway hub so you can access the sensor info from anywhere you have an Internet
    connection. Costs $99 from Amazon and has gotten very good reviews. I also e-mailed them awhile
    back and asked if they had any plans to make a sensor with a waterproof probe. They said it was
    something they were considering.

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