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    Testing kit for my cured harvest

    Nice catch fischer
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    Brown/purplish markings on seedling and transplants?

    Because of ppm? I use ro water because my ppm is 800 i use cal mag with ro but only add 100 ppm thats with hydro at that stage of growth though
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    Outdoor winter grow

    Thats possible but i dont want to grow huge monsters. Neighbors are cool but you never know. Its still illegal here. I think winter would be the best time to get in an ok harvest outdoors in this area
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    Outdoor winter grow

    Ive done that too.. I just don’t want to spend more time than i have to on a seed that isnt viable.
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    Outdoor winter grow

    Well all but the slurricane popped, i think ill throw another 2 in to see germ rates on that, I bought the pack a year ago and its been stored room temp so it shouldn’t be too bad i hope
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    Outdoor winter grow

    South us
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    These mini hygrometers work for you?

    Ive used them with bovedas in jars Asuming the bocedas are doing their job they are usually +- 3 degrees off Edited.. Within that range, so some are accurate some are off a bit but within 3 point off in my experience.. You can toss a boveda in a jar and guage how off it is and note that for each...
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    Outdoor winter grow

    Theyve been in watee for about 18 hours now, only 2 look cracked, ill move them into paper towells in a bit.. I would’ve preferred doing that since the get go but I didn’t have any ziplocks on hand yesterday
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    Outdoor winter grow

    No just a couple of pots outside, that way if it freezes i could move it in untill it warms up a bit
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    Yellowing, end of wk 6, any ideas?

    Just continue feeding throughout you still have time to go, there isn’t enough nutrients in that soil to make it through harvest.
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    Outdoor winter grow

    ended up popping 3 blockout bobby by exotic 1 slurricane 7 by in-house 1 creme de la chem by mephisto
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    Drying room at 64% humidity?

    be careful with mold, if the colas are pretty large.. If the room is pretty chilly humidity aint as much of a concern but iv gotten mold drying big colas at 70f and 55rh within a week.. How cold is the tent
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    Outdoor winter grow

    The thing is i have way too many seeds to go through and the summer here is terrible. There’s rarely a day under 90s, most are 100+ and we get alot of moth. That’s actually why i want to do it, because of the bugs, i plan on building a frame with 2x4s and lining it with mosquito netting. It...
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    Outdoor winter grow

    I want to throw a couple of seeds outdoors though out winter. Ill post a couple of different strains id be willing to loose. any idea what would handle the cold best? I want to build a 4x2x4 frame and line that with mosquito netting for the moths.
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    Mephisto genetics

    I agree.. in paper towels its easy to keep the right amount of moisture In soil you have a larger margin for error since itll be 3-7 days before they pop out of the ground, the soil dries out in that time frame making it easier to over or under water