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Hey hey buddy!!
I was reply to one of your posts!!
I'm in a tricky situation right now .....
I'm just blooming day 14 ...
And everything is overgrown
Do you think I can already defolia today?
I am worry that is to much stress for them... And gett bad effects in the later flower stage?
I always defoliate at day 21!!
Plants are super healthy (praying)
Would be nice to hear from you
Greetings from Switzerland
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Responded in the post, but yes you can take em early, the only bad thing is you might have to take more again later in flower as more grow back the earlier you take them.
Check out how to setup a perpetual garden in a apartment spare room.
Here’s an update of my Mango Kush Autoflower bongsmilie :joint:

(photos without yellow light this time:cool:)