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Hi there, I was reading up on a few of your post regarding vipars lights. I have a couple questions for you, pls msg if your avail. Thanks, fellow SoCal grower
Lemon and citronella soap in a spray bottle, plus cleaning up my "dirty" space, might save my plants. I am picking up neem oil today just in case
Hi there I was reading up on a comment you had on seedlings and your Vipar300.. I have a quick question , I’m running 2 of those Vipar300s 2x4 tent with 3 plants on each. I know the manual says 26-30” for young seedlings. I have mine at 24” from plant canopy and they seem to be growing slow for day 11. Question is how high were and are you running you vipar? Thanks in advance
I do not use this light anymore, have tried it on one run with quite nice results. Problem was when the light was on the timer and went off, not all of the diodes completely darkened. When you look at the deep dark straight into the light, you can see some of them have a really slight light ring around them. I have started at its reccomended height and let them grow, than scrog. So I would follow their manual.