Blaze & Daze

Laughing Grass

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That looks good! The coffee and Baileys would put me right to sleep. What kind of high? How did it smoke?
Really? Caffeine is like rocket fuel for me... it shouldn't be OTC.

Couchlock high and quickly. You don't want to anything but veg and pet the dog. This was so much nicer than the pressed kief I've been smoking, less of a lung hit and it didn't make me cough.

PJ Diaz

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For me, it depends on if and when I have to work that day, also my wife's schedule. If I have to work early I usually just puff an oil pen on the way to work a few times. If it's a day off (or late day into work) for both the wife and I, we're easily past the second joint before we're done with coffee in the morning.