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    Wake n Bake, Nothing Better!

    That's a real gem ya got. You should be proud of that.
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    Hlg 600 r spec

    Same light. Cloudline T6. The T6 has hi/low temp and humidity alarms. It's what was recommended by SmokinJoe on Z-labs. I'm real happy with both the light and exhaust system. Recently had an issue and I re-did my wiring. Zip tied things up better. My temp/rh sensor was moved a little. Not much...
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    Great Lakes Genetics ?

    I baptized my SDs yesterday. Looking very nice.
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    Great Lakes Genetics ?

    Pretty sure they won't take my current seed obsession into account at bankruptcy court. Ha! Which is where I'll end up if you don't cut it out. Noticed a hole in favorite GLG shirt this morning. Now I see shirts on GLG's new email. My wife's threatening parental control mode if I don't cut it out.
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    Tony greens tortured beans

    My outdoor Bubblehead has such a high resin content its hard to smoke! If I smoke a joint and it goes out, I can't relight it! Like trying g to smoke a pencil. Realy strong smoke.
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    Great Lakes Genetics ?

    You're killing me here! I sure hope you never take plastic. I just get confirmation you got my $ for my last order. Now you drop Rude Dog and Urban Menace? Couldn't help myself. In my cart already. BAM!!!
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    What are you smoking today?

    Today it's Tony Green's Tortured Beans NYCOxOgChem. Same thing I've been smoking since I cut. Only thing I've smoked the last month, and I've gotvso many jars to choose from. Ticks all the boxes. For some reason it doesn't give me cotton mouth, which is a real bonus since lately I smoke weed all...
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    Yeah! It's Bud Worm Season. Pics

    A little late for this year, but this is flicking genius in my book. I got thrashed this year by them.
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    Best Fabric Pot?

    I'm aware this is an old thread,but unless you do clones wouldn't basic pheno variation account for differences. Even with really good genetics I get that much variationno expert expert, just a curious guy who needs new pots.
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    Useful Seeds

    Blackened Oranges starting to frost up a touch. Wish I had grown more than just this one. Really straightforward to grow.
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    Great Lakes Genetics ?

    This may or may not be the right spot for this, no harm intended. I like to be ahead of the game as far as having seeds and most anythiing else I need. I had some seeds from a previous year plus several new strains I ordered form Spain, or someplace over there before the New year. Then I found...
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    bodhi seeds

    Ordered my 1st Bodhi seeds today. I couldn't possibly be short on seeds where I needed them. I'm sure that's understood here. I just got tired of seeing you folks getting excited about his stuff and I didn't have any. Here's what's coming. More Cowbell, Prayer Tower Indica (GG#4xSSDD, freebie)
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    Your latest seed purchase?

    Today's goodies Mass Medical-Bubba Pupil (Runaway Bride, Putang Neville Chem, Kashmir x Sunshine Daydream x Acopolo gold, freebies) Bodhi-More Cowbell, Prayer Tower Indica (GG#4xSSDD, freebie) There's always a good shot of Bad Dawg freebies, several of which I have started. And my 1st but...
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    Great Lakes Genetics ?

    Just stumbled on this searching for something else. Bad Dawg freebies from GLG have recently included Atonic x Longbottom Fighter. I understand there's a range of phenos with differing ratios. I've got about a dozen just started this week, so can't report anything. I'm hoping I'll find some back...
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    Your latest seed purchase?

    Ordered Mass Medical Strains Stardawg Pupil and Boston Cream Pie, which both had Kashmir x Sunshine Day Dream x Acopolo gold and Runaway Bride as freebies, as well as an unknown Bad Dawg freebie. All from GLG.