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    Seeking Info 1970's Breeding in California - HELP!

    So NOBODY knows who else was breeding in 66? Dude, this is big ass world. SOMEBODY must have been breeding back then. Please help
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    Seeking Info 1970's Breeding in California - HELP!

    Hi all, my name is Rob and I breed for Deep Ellum Seeds, but that's not what I'm here to talk about today. Today, I am on a quest for knowledge. After looking at the different forums, I think Breeder's Paradise is where I should ask.. I am seeking some information about the early days of...
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    AutoFLower issue

    if sulpher, use Espom salts.. u can use garden sulfide or sulfate from a hydro store, but epsom salts are availabe at walmart and grocery stores.. but may not be sulpher... ive seen this discoloration with china leds in a few gardens before.. too much food, like N to the max and too much P, +...
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    Good opening sales lines and sales techniques in legal gray market states

    the easiest way is to carry a pocket full of joints or a vape pen and Go around the city, to obvious parks and stuff.. when u see someone cool, especially a cool-looking person smoking a cigarette.. break the ice by asking for a light, but isnetad of pulling out a cigarettte, spark...
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    Qwiso second wash

    always used everclear man.. never heard of qwiso, ive been out of the mainstream loop for like 14yrs man, i take it be the same as alcohol extraction, or RSO.. made RSO since the turn of the century man.. I never had any rso lab tested, so IDK if everclear is "dirtier" or what, or if ISO is...
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    Missed Turning On The Light

    yup, ditto.. done it many times.. just roll in through it and turn the off at their regular time.. and try and remember better tomorrow! set an alarm on yur cellphone for the on and off times to remind you..
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    Light Question

    a pair, or two pairs, of the 24" tubular under-the-cabinet flors from homedepot... or a few 42w CFLs from target.. or a few of the 11w LEDs from walmart.. ditch the humidity thing.. it's not necessary to make the whole tent humid.. Spend the $5 buy a 7" tall dome. get two, put one over each...
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    Throwback Thursday..

    This is the oldest digital photo that i have.. it's of Hell Fire's "Electric Blue", which was NL#5/Haze x Sag's blueberry. i shot this on Sept 2, 2001.. thank you for allowing me to share :)
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    Is The Harvest Day Near?

    its good they are turning yellow and the leaves are falling off.. thats good sign :) looks like a week or so away to me. u can take it now, i mean, its close enough.. and if your out of smoke, for-sure chop them... look very danky man!
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    Commercial Grow choices

    oh, oh ok. i feel dumb.. like, we do that normally..i just never heard it called that. it makes perfect sense though, it invokes a more specific image than saying "pruning". i like it. yeah i sort of figured that i'd need a specific ballast to run DE bulbs.. so u can't make then aircooled...
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    Commercial Grow choices

    wow dude, those are bad ass man! Those look like HID plants. This new tech is really rad. ii'm going to have read into these cobs more. Beautiful plants man!
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    The "D" day pool, best guess as to when Trump is out

    LOL, you're right.. its getting more and more progresive, though.. in some ways, more than others.. TX aint perfect, but i love the state and the land and most of the people. i love the cultural.. One of the things that i'm upset about the most, is the CBD thing.. abbot ok'ed it, bc the optics...
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    Commercial Grow choices

    Thats what i figured, its the ability to rearrange and move the smaller 315's thats the real advantage.. like i say ive ran them, and for me, i prefer larger plants, so for me personally, 1k is the way to go. i still have the 315s and use them for things, though.. i mean, i paid for them. i aint...
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    need a logo - illustrator, PS work..

    if u know AI and PS, pm me. I need a logo, just a png. simple. need 2 designs.. im too busy and too lazy to do it and i was going use fiveer, but like i figured why not throw some work at you guys.. keep it in the community, ya know?
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    Commercial Grow choices

    yeah, youre totally right.. its several things that factor in.. I replied to you or the other cat, about stacked rooms. Its interesting that you'd choose 315's over the 1k's.. is it b/c of versatility? that u can re-position and move 10 lamps around better than just 4x 1k's? My highest...