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    Bad Dog Genetics

    Did your SC get a chance to finish? Just curious how you found them. Have 6 indoors I'm about to sex.
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    Plant ID help please

    Its a cannabis
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    The Best Deals Thread. Post Best Deals And Lowest Prices Links

    Anyone spot any good LED deals? Looking to light a new 4x4.
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    50 year old seeds

    You could try embryo rescue and germinating on agar.
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    Anybody growing mushrooms willing to talk???

    Depends how much moisture is left in the block. Dunk it for a few hours is usually my go to.
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    Portable AC, Bad Negative Pressure

    Buy the warranty on those whynter ac's mine died at beginning of may and it was only 2 years old.
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    Earthworm castings

    The homemade kind. Seriously though, great investment is your own worm bin(s).
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    Best LEDs for 3x3

    Tell your buddy to change the water those tanks look like they need some love. And maybe a stand.
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    Tony greens tortured beans

    Damn these Big Don tubes are loaded, hellva freebie Tony. Gave my grandma half the tube to sift through. Speaking of which grabbed a pic of her bubblehead clone I gave her when I was over. Her second run out of it. Still smelling like a pair of bum's hot sweaty socks slapped you across the face...
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    Anybody microdosing with stamets stack and getting good results? Would love to hear stories!

    The corydceps and reishi I get from a local farmers market. Turkey tails and lions mane I cultivate myself. RealMushrooms seems to be making their extracts from actual fruit bodies. I lean toward a sorghum based myceliated extract made from colonized grain spawn (mycelium) for cost reasons...
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    Anybody microdosing with stamets stack and getting good results? Would love to hear stories!

    Look for mycelliated grain extracts they are quite effective. I use a reishi , cordyceps , lions mane and turkey tail admixture daily that has done wonders for my Lyme disease and Sciatica issues. Stamets is too concerned turning a profit imo, you can find higher quality and more effective...
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    Something wrong going with my spore syringe!

    Used to many spores if you noticed the solution is black. If the spores were clean and sterile procedure followed they should still be viable. Test on agar.
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    Tony greens tortured beans

    Yeah I couldn't pass up the OGChem bub too.