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    Proud Georgian here. Woke up this morning to the news that we pulled it off. Bye be Loeffler and Purdue
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    Ready or not?

    I would say a couple weeks at least. It will fatten up alot in the next couple weeks and you want the most if not all the white hairs to turn orange and recede back into the buds
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    anyone order from Gelato seeds ?

    The girl in the middle. Next to Stank Bubble form you
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    anyone order from Gelato seeds ?

    Thats funny you say that eso. Thats the runtz but I have a Blue Dream CBD that I flipped a week later and it just got done stretching
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    anyone order from Gelato seeds ?

    Runtz from
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    How Long Does CannaButter Take To Turn Solid?

    And use unsalted butter
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    Quite proud

    Bad question. To many factors go into yield. So no one can Tell You. When they say a pound they are not serious but that is gonna be the common answer you will get. Dont worry about yield and just take care of the plant. That will come.
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    Quite proud

    Yep. Long way to go. Have patience buds will get much bigger. 2 weeks won't be close
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    Day 41, when to start 14+ day flush?

    Lots of white hairs. Lots of swelling to do
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    3rd week into flowering

    Is this an auto or photo plant? Do you have a pic of the whole plant?
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    Am I close trichomes look cloudy

    I would say 2-3 weeks. Let them swell. Wait till white hairs receded
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    You say the plant is in the last week of flower. Do you have a closer bud pic of the 1st one
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    Elemental seeds True OG

    Im slow. Lol