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    Never had a issue wt their stu
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    What is your favorite strain at the moment (growing & smoking)?

    Zittles. Durban poison. Afghani Thai. Too pretty to chop down. Like the M&M commercial
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    Home grown Amnesia is too strong.

    I grew Afghani Thai 20 week in soil 5 gallon pot flower cycle, slo cure I nicknamed it " Drop the Mike". That plant drank like a fish
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    Smoke journal

    A friend gave me a bag maybe 6 years ago . We were fishing that day and i kept the beans . Good weed nice cure . I grew them out and always crossed them. The ugliest sativa i ever saw so i named her " Sea Hag ". Damn good taste. I crossed her with Candyland and she still was ugly. But taste...
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    I give up, this is not for me...

    I maybe wrong but cannabis is the only plant that you can eat it drink it smoke it and wear it. Never give up
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    Testing weed in illegal states

    All good. The best test is your smoke buddies and if they pay you for it and keep coming back YOU Got some Good shit.
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    I give up, this is not for me...

    I started out in soil and never left. The most forgiving medium and the best taste. I always used well water and local compost . The key is KISS. 40+ years growing
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    Useful Seeds

    I have used your beans over the years. Keep up the good work
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    MARS HYDRO SP3000??

    Great light for a 4x4 or 2x4 .very well made . Good customer service
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    Best led light?

    Every setup is unique. The key is flexibility. Not jumping on the latest trend.
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    Lighting question and dilema

    Buy a par meter keep a tab on the levels. Yes they are expensive.
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    Which strain you like most

    Bruce banner grown in soil fed organics flowered 10 weeks. Hand trimmed rolled in a Backwoods.
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    Highest Yield Strains for Outdoor

    CANDYLAND . GG. Gelato.Bruce Banner. Also get a ladder. Lollipop pop. 4 x4 raised bed 12 in deep
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    Best led light?

    4x4 is easier To manage
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    Lighting question and dilema

    I still am fond of my 1khps and have used it the last 2 weeks before chop . Not much diff.just more work