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    Whats your holy grail??

    I grew out Greenpoints Jelly Pie (grape pie x stardawg). She was around 11 ft tree that blessed me with wands of frosty nugs. Looked Incredible tasted Better. The blood pheno of Strayfox's Wake of the Dragon (dragonsoul x blueberry temple). Incredible incense terps that stood out against a bunch...
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    Your latest seed purchase?

    LA GIRLZ (LA KUSH CAKES X PROJECT 007) [FEM] Couldn't pass these up. Last pack from GLO. James Bean did get restocked with them. Project 007 (project 4516 x London pound cake) is legit and then Seed Junky's LA kush cakes, enough said.
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    Your latest seed purchase?

    I ordered a few packs of Lifehouse gear. 1 $40 x Sour Diesel Bx2 1 $30 x Super Sour Runtz 1 $40 x GMO Bx1 #7 $110 + $10 ship = $120 Couldn't pass on f2's of Karma's Sowah and heard good things about the gmo bx1 being rank. Thought why not try the runtz hit up with Sour Diesel bx2.
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    What beans are you popping in the year of our lord- 2021?

    Space guavaz has a hint of pepper and pretty frosty. Turned almost black at the end. Jelly delicious nice purple with fruity terps and plenty of frost. Specimen X was all kind of colors. Compound's pink certz was the frostiest. Flimsy branches but plenty of frost upon frost and more frost...
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    Your latest seed purchase?

    Another GLO victim . That pink certz (menthol x grape gasoline) is very nice and frosty. Just harvested a 12 ft tree of it and it smokes quite nice.
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    What beans are you popping in the year of our lord- 2021?

    Just harvested- Bloom's Space Guavaz Clearwater's Grape Preserves, Jelly delicious and Specimen X Shoreline's Hard Candy Compound's pink certz Ten days above ground- Clearwater's Grape Preserves and Cool blue Oni's Sour bananacanna Cannaventure's raspberry mix Cali-O x Afghani black skunk...
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    SinCity Seeds Info Thread

    I grew a beautiful Deep pockets outdoors and was fortunate enough to get some nice weather to allow her some extra time. She was a solid 7x5 bush and a nice dark purple on the fade.. Will run the rest of the beans indoors and look for a solid momma.
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    Bloom Seed Co

    Space guavaz outdoors finishing up solid. Been very fortunate with the weather cooperating and allowing the few extra weeks.
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    Katsu seeds

    His latest list he just emailed me about sour diesel and a few projects had a menu list at the bottom. Dracarys was listed like it is available. So you might try again asap. I grew out Key lime kush and it is a very very nice grow with incredible end product.
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    Katsu seeds

    Hit up Katsu through his website. He still has Dracarys available. I wouldn't be surprised if he throws in crazy freebies. Join his email club and he is always giving first dibs on his new year at discounted prices too.
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    Green line organics seed bank

    Today I ordered 2 packs from the CSI Humboldt lemon tree drop. Two for $110 on those too. He dropped quite a few new lemon tree x's.
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    CSI humboldt thread

    GLO just dropped a bunch of lemon tree crosses. Just throwing it out there and @$110 for 2 packs.I couldn't say no. Grabbed purple Hindu x LT and pineapple x LT.
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    Tiki Madman

    One of my Specimen X outdoors. Can't wait to run indoors where I'll have more control. Beautiful dark purple with a sweet scent coming off her. My other one has beautiful purple tones just not as dark as this one. Number 1 had red stems all the way through it life cycle. Enjoy your grow...
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    Clearwater Genetics

    Specimen X #3 just a absolutely incredible experience to watch grow. Had red stems since early veg, been kicking up the stink these last few weeks, dark purple almost black in color. #1 has a little lighter purpling going on and a good frosting. Ended up ordering another pack. I also have a few...
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    Your latest seed purchase?

    A couple packages in the mail. Kropduster's MAC crasher f2's and bx1. Strayfox's North Indian kush cake and 21 candles with raspberry lights freebie. Clearwater's Thunderclap- Rabid hippie cut of Kushmints x Apple mints (RH cut kushmint bx) has me super stoked to see these do their thing.