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    Organic nutes - to flush or not to flush ?

    I wouldn’t worry about flushing, especially using Organics. Just keep doing your thing until harvest and you’ll have some awesome bud
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    Is my weed moldy?

    Pretty sure it was grey mould, but pictures show little more white (maybe the light I used) I bought it at a store, so it’s hard to say without the knowledge of the grow, thankfully they refunded fully when I went back! IMO It’s best to avoid smoking any mould/mildew buds, especially when...
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    INKBIRD New Product Giveaway - FREE LB1000 LED Grow Light

    Canada Awesome giveaway! Been loving anything ‘Inkbird’ in my grow room, always working, always accurate!
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    Love all those autumn colours!
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    100%, Grew this strain (Speed Bud: Early Misty X Ruderalis) a few times with no purples, this time my room ducked below 12C for a couple nights until I noticed and boom.. pinks/purples all over. I have a heater in there now to keep at a constant 20C minimum. Looks pretty at least ahah.
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    Humidifier for inkbird humidifier controller

    Make sure whatever is plugged into the ink bird has a switch dial, and not a button. I use the inkbird myself, and noticed if it’s a digital button, it won’t power back on (as it needs to manually be turned on) If it has an analog switch, I leave it in the “on” position, and it always powers...
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    Tiny white bugs

    They would be, they muck up the rhizosphere
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    Trips?? Mostly under leafs and really tiny

    Blue Sticky traps, diatomaceous earth (1/4 inch layer) on top soil, and removing thrip damaged leaves (as they may carry eggs) and checking the garden daily to hand squish any of the lil’ buggers. This has worked well for me, Not much you can spray safely in flower. only other safe option would...
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    Should I harvest based on trichomes or pistils

    Like mentioned above, it’s a combination of both. My rule of thumb is: if it looks ready, wait a week or 2 and it’s chop block o’clock
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    Whats the best way to cut and dry?

    Eh, I haven’t talked much myself about it, so I don’t mind throwing my 2 cents in: Personally, I like to cut the plant down and hang as a whole - if the plant is too dense/too big, I’ll cut buds off or colas and place on a sift screen to dry properly - Next, I ensure darkness (as UV light can...
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    Mars Hydro FC or FC-E ?

    Picked up an FCE4800 and have been loving it personally, I have a “Speed Bud” flowering under her currently Very worth it!
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    Holy Nanners Batman! Should harvest early?

    I’ve found It takes time to notice, (they form in the bud and take time to grow out of the bud and become visible) I ended up harvesting her the day after this post was made (just needed to get my other green crack going) and after the drying and trim, I found 15 matured seeds, and 10...
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    Indoor newbie needs a hand!

    I use outdoor analog timers myself, you shouldn’t see any issues with that, but like stated above: digital with a backup can save you in the event of a power outage (this way you don’t have to worry about re-adjusting the timer again)
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    First harvest any tips?

    Looking frosty, Looks like it’s chop block O’ clock! @Autodoctor You can do 48 hour darkness if you like, but I haven’t noticed a huge difference personally so it’s up to you, I like to harvest early morning myself, but other than that, no other advice other than.. enjoy! Looks like straight fire!!