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    Culling seedlings?

    Stem rub, node spacing/ plant structure and which ones show sex first are all things that cAn help figure out which ones to ditch.
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    Anybody do any greenhouse growing let’s see some ideas

    Sweet. Seems like such a great idea, you’ve used in Michigan winters you said right? Still have to burn any gas or did something like this heat year round?
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    Anybody do any greenhouse growing let’s see some ideas

    Climate battery? Geothermal type heating never heard of it. I was thinking of running air underground and coiled over septic tank. Warm the place with shit!
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    How do you remove plants from living soil no till

    I wish he was a troll. Then I could understand where he’s coming from. I think meffed out as we call em in our neighborhood is more like it
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    How do you remove plants from living soil no till

    I think the answer was there the first page of this post. @Weedvin Damnit you get under my skin. It’s cause I love organic so much. Your bs should be banned. To think that your bullshit had spread to almost every organic forum post on the site makes me cringe. You give soil and organics...
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    GM’s Grassroots 4x8 with blusoak

    Whoops. The covers for away from me….
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    When to top dress in flower?

    Right. Top dress pre flower. and once about 2-3 weeks in. This depends on the plants needs and done right you don’t have to add any amendments at recycle snd never have to re-“cook” soils. At harvest just cut at base maybe take the woody pieces or root out and mix-repot- reuse. I do it all in...
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    When to top dress in flower?

    Ummmm that makes perfect sense. Great ! I like to get food on top 2 weeks ahead of time. Snd I believe it only starts to get active after 2 weeks. Also depends which amendments your using and how ground or broken up they are.
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    "Can magic mushrooms help fight mental illness?"

    Responsible and safe Psychedelic use was the most importantly aspect to my recovery from addiction. Opioids mainly. the most basic truth behind the experience is that there is no room to “lie” or trick oneself anymore. The ego, or trickster is I look at it, completely goes away for a period of...
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    Mars Hydro 2x4 tent unboxing and review. #MarsHydro.

    sweet. Looking good! Im just getting in to my first Mars tent and light. So far I’m liking the setup. are You flowering in this tent or just for veg/mother’s?
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    Super soil question

    Lots of ways to make a good soil. Ss, revs or the “coots”. I prefer the coots mix. Easiest for long term use. Snd best bang for the buck compared to buying bagged soils as a base. Much cheaper to make your own “base” cooking container should 100% not be air tight! You need exchange. Buy...
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    Gavita and Hlg guys?

    Growstation by better options beats gavita on every spec with 200$ less sticker
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    Do some cultivars prefer synthetic nutes?

    I’ve heard this before. I always thought it’s because many gardeners don’t know how to dial in an organic grow. Or it’s in 3 gallon pots or some bs that isn’t gunna do well for organic soil. user error, organic IMO will always fruit tastiest buds despite the plantslineage.
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    Mars hydro FC-6500 in 5x5 tent

    Veg update day 10 just steadying a little training. This round I’m going for no topping just training about the net for a few days. staytuned. Just water so far.
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    Go back or not?

    Naturally bongsmilie