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    Very thin taproot

    Sounds like a bad batch. Probably should throw them all out just to be sure you don't have any weaklings.
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    when will my auto be done with flower??

    These have a good ways to go. More than just a couple of weeks, maybe something like 6-8 or so.
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    Thoughts on using unground flower for cannabutter?

    I dunno, the 'experiment with dosage' phase can be the most fun. ;) The other night I made the cocoa crispy treats and used 3g (at a published 19% THC) per 1/2 cup of butter...that in turn went into the marshmallow mix. Divided out into 16 portions theoretically should have been 26mg per...
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    Thoughts on using unground flower for cannabutter?

    Yeah, I was going to say that maybe some lecithin would help keep solution. Other than that, I'd start playing with fussing with the semi-cooled oil as it solidifies. Once you get to a point where it's semi-solid it should hold any particulate until you get it in the capsules...after that it...
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    How much will I harvest just really hope it’s more then 5 pounds really is it more then 5??

    Your rememberies of the 1980's are much different than mine then...
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    Absolutely no high

    But think of the ropes he can make. That plus a gym class and he can climb as high as he likes.
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    Harvest time or not

    Some of the pet hair looks like it hasn't turned brown yet...I'd wait for those to go from white to brown before harvesting.
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    Can’t yield more than 2 zips a plant

    I was gonna say... depending on the light, pretty typical to be getting in the range of ~1g per watt. So you're doing pretty average with what you have for lighting.
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    Week 16 still clear trichs? Anyone know if she's ready? Newbie here

    I keep seeing you say '4000w light'. Just to pull the rug out right now...there's no way that you have a consumer grade light that's anything near 4000w. Even a 1000w light is expensive enough to be outside the range of what many home growers can do, not to mention a single 1000w or more light...
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    Week 16 still clear trichs? Anyone know if she's ready? Newbie here

    Turn on both blue and red circuits on that light...your plant needs all you can provide it.
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    3.5 week old autoflower

    You'll always get some stretch once you hit the 2nd week of flower or so, so don't worry too much. Also, you can have a viable plant that's only 14" tall, as long as you don't have your heart set on 'about a pound'. Remember it's a learning journey, it'll take a while to get it all figured out.
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    A compilation of growing advice, by those who have learned

    Good to see things are right on track and proceeding as planned here. Good work everyone!
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    3.5 week old autoflower

    Small, but healthy. I hear this your first growth, so sometimes you just have to roll with it to see what happens.
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    How dry before watering ?

    I don't let the plants wilt/droop. You can find the place to water where the soil is light but you're not torturing your plants by letting them droop. For me with ProMix in 5g bags, that's every 4 days for most of my grow.
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    FYI...Cannabis and the Heart- April 18 2019

    The interesting stuff to me was that they discuss how it blocks statens and also some other medications. That could be a deal with lots of older people who are on a variety of meds.