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    Covid vaccine not so safe? Video of nurse passing out.

    Ive had full doses twice Pfizer first back in Feb/March. I skipped the booster and thought I'd just take the full vaccination of the Moderna so 6 weeks ago I got the first Moderna and finished the second a couple weeks ago. 4 shots no ill effects. People trip out and pass out over needles, they...
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    Oklahoma Growers Thread!

    Got another one. NW Oklahoma. They could bust one a day and never get them all. $17M DRUG BUST: The Major County Sheriff’s Office, Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics, and...
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    All Anesia Seeds grow

    Day 7 a couple of strange-looking sprouts. Impressed that 4 sprouted in two days three more the next. Only one of the Bolas' came up and it looks really stunted. One of the Slurricane has enormous cotyledon with the first leaf very tiny (the other Slurricane looks great)And hasnt gotten any...
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    Mars Hydro New giveaway will come soon,do you prefer FC 6500 or SP 6500?

    FC6500 all the way. Would look nice in my brand new 5x5 tent Im assembling right now! Got the framework. Putting together the Fan, filter, etc. Only thing missing is a quality light. Started a new journal, seeds are popping. Few more weeks they go under a big light. I just hope its a good light!
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    Boveda humidity packs dangerous?

    I over-dried 4 of my plants when I harvested them this year. I cleaned up my grow and took my humidity meter down. (Another mistake) When I checked my plants after 5 days they were so brittle I about cried. I checked the humidity in the room 42% crap! I jarred the bud with Boveda 62 and after...
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    Household items for compost pile?

    Dug a compost hole mainly for a couple outdoor plants this year it 30" wide and approx 48" long and about 20" deep. I planned on throwing in my used up soil from last grow, banana peels, eggshells, potato skins etc. I thought I would chop up the leaves from the 15 foot banana trees around my...
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    what happens if i add food coloring to a plant?

    Fred Gwynne one of my favorite actors hard to believe he's been gone 24 years. lol..thread still going
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    All Anesia Seeds grow

    Just dropped seeds so its time for a new journal. This time it will be an all Anesia Seeds grow. Captain Future, Bola Mintz, Slurricane, Blackberry Moonrocks, Hyperglue and the tasty Yuhbary. The last grow I used open racking but just got a new AC Infinity 5 x 5 and new lighting so Im really...
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    what happens if i add food coloring to a plant?

    No doubt...2009 I didnt even notice. I just saw it in "Whats New" and commented. Some things should be left dead.
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    what happens if i add food coloring to a plant?

    Ive heard of people changing the colors of roses by using a needle and injecting a small drop of food grade dye into the stem and multiple colors in multiple places. (Rainbow roses are done this way and with slices to the stems) But we dont smoke roses....and I dont think I would smoke injected...
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    ViparSpectra Giveaway for Labor Day: Win P4000 | Take 15% OFF with "LABOR15"

    #ViparSpectraP4000 Its not much to look at. 3 days since seeds dropped. All Anesia Seeds. Hoping for 100% again.
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    VIVOSUN Giveaway for VS1000 LED Grow Light*2

    I got a couple pair of the titanium bladed ones. Best scissors I ever used! I started out with two 600w HPS kits on my first grow before changing over to LED for energy savings. But they gave me a great start and fit in my beginning budget. Still got them!
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    ViparSpectra Giveaway for Labor Day: Win P4000 | Take 15% OFF with "LABOR15"

    #ViparSpectraP4000 I'd love to show a current photo but just dropped seed two days ago. 3 came up today and are already being fed light by my Viparspectra P600 that serves as my sprouts/seedling light. Maybe a photo in a few more days! A new journal begins soon.
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    Mars Hydro Giveaway for FC-E 4800 or FC 4800 is coming, Are you ready?

    #MarshydroFC-E4800 Have a shiny new 5x5 tent with everything except a bright new light. Seeds are germing right now. I had to do my last grow journal with a 400woff-brand light from Amazon. Ive entered what seems like a hundred of these so this time I crossed the fingers on my left hand while...